Zing Your Way to Viral Success


The above product is called “Zing” and it is a spoon that can also act as a food launcher.

So why am I mentioning Zing on here?

I am mentioning it because it is edgy, different, fun, amusing, unique… all of which are perfect ingredients for a viral marketing campaign. Can you turn your products, services or blog posts into a Zing? Can you give them the zing edge?

I am off to cook some broccoli ;-)

  • http://www.correctmindforweightloss.com David Maleney

    Oh yes,Dean!

    I’m gonna buy a few of those spoons for when my kids stay at their Gran’s ;-)

    Here’s how me and a couple of buddies put some
    “Zing” into Internet Marketing:

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  • Raimi

    Hi, I’m Raimi and this is the first time I post a comment in your blog. Maybe I did not read all of your posts yet. So my Question may look kinda stupid :P

    Can anyone be so creative to think of an edgy, different, fun, amusing, unique products / articles?

    Or do you have any simple tips so that we can generate creative ideas?

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    Good question… in fact, it is a question I get asked often. The answer is that there are techniques and tricks you can use to make the creativity process much easier. Many of these techniques I will be discussing in the http://www.webtrafficorgasm.com series of products.


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  • http://recimikakodapostanembogat.com/blog/ Bonus

    Cool spoon!

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