Your Website SUCKS


One thing I have been noticing a lot of on the Internet these days is the amount of buttons on peoples websites and blogs.

You probably have seen many of these buttons, but just to refresh your memory here are some examples:

apache button xhtml button

I have never placed one of these buttons on any of my sites, but I don’t like being left out, so I searched this afternoon for a button that would be perfect for my blog.

However, the majority seem to be very geeky and are generally related to boring things like xhtml, CSS, apache etc…

To be honest I don’t care if your site is xhtml compatible or not! I just want to know if your site is worth using.

So with that in mind I have created my very own button to put on websites. I feel it sums up a site in just two words, and it is something that every visitor can relate to.

So here is my button:

My website doesnt suck

I think it summarises a website perfectly ;-)

I am going to give 100 of these buttons as awards to any sites or blogs that I like. If your site is chosen then not only will you get the “Doesn’t suck” button for your site, but I will also do a site review on my main page. This should get you a large extra boost of traffic.

I will only give one award per week, but if you don’t want to submit your site but you do want to put the “doesn’t suck” button on your site, then use the code below: