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Welcome to “your stuff”, the feature where I mention…. your stuff.

Let’s start off with a nice juicy big O – The Big O

Next we follow the buzzzzz – buzzzzz

Thanks to my buddy Carl and the guys at Top Work From Home who both seemed to enjoy my $21 million video.

This is a great interview… well, it is great if you enjoy listening to me talk nonsense ;-)

and last but certainly not least… my buddy Craig, who has created a very funny and frankly, quite disturbing list of the worst designers on the net

There we go… that is my stuff, I hope you check them all out and enjoy. If you want me to link to you from my PR5 homepage, then now you know how… write something cool about me, my site, or my killer bunnies. Yes, I am that easy to manipulate. ;-)

  • Craig

    Thanks for the mention Dean.

    People are laughing so far so that’s a good sign!

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  • Chris

    Dean – thanks for the mention. I just wanted to post the video you made because I liked it and thought my readers would too. I wasn’t expecting a link back – thanks!

    “the guy from Top Work From Home”

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  • I Monetize

    Thanx for mentioning, Dean.

    BTW, I’ve posted a post about you on my Super Ultra Dirty Porn Blog. It also features your video, but in a little “kinky” version, if you know what I mean ;)

    PS. Oh No!… I guess I’ve seen some ghosty shadow just outside the window.. It has those big strange years.. No! It’s killer bunny!! AAAahh!! No! No!..

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  • Joliber Mapiles

    Hi Dean, how are you? I enjoyed your free e-books specially the facts about digg marketing.. I’m starting to make intensive studies about digg, who knows, your ideas plus mine will make bigger buzz in the internet..

    Anyway, thanks again.. Hope to hear from you soon..

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