YOUR 3 Words For Mega Web Traffic


Last week I gave you three words. These three words are capable of boosting your web traffic through the roof. If you are on my weekly newsletter then you will have recieved the answer to the meaning of the three words on Wednesday. But for everyone else, here is the answer:

Reminder: These are the three words:

1) Babies
2) Animals
3) Women

So what is special about these words? Why have successful marketing gurus been using these three words to get huge publicity for over 100 years?

Here is the secret…

These three words are the three secret factors that the media (TV, newspapers, magazines, websites etc..) all LOVE to write about.

Next time you watch the news, simple look at how many news stories are related or vaguely related to one of these three topics.

Marketing experts have been using this secret to get huge amounts of publicity, and you can do the same.

ACTION POINT: Think of three stories you could write as a press release based on babies, animals or women. By women, I mean sexy women. Write them down in a word document and then ask a friend to choose the most appealing story of the three. Then test this and use a service like to see how many backlinks and visitors you get.

Note: I appreciate the sexy women part may seem sexist, but it is simply a human truth.

I don’t make the rules, I just exploit them!

If you have never written a press release or attempted to get your website mentioned by the media, then this is your chance to try it.

You now know the secret to getting ANY journalist to pay attention to you.

This information is incredibly powerful! Imagine if you could get an interview on a major news channel. What effect would being mentioned in a national newspaper have on your website?

With this secret and a sprinkle of creativity, you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising.


PS: In the current world the word “celebrity” is a contender for the
4th secret word.

PPS: Next week I have an important confession/anouncement to make

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    A clever post and the basis for an entertaining experiment re: the power of your Traffic Trinity.

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