WTF Should I Do?


Ok, I need your opinion on something… please read through the following, and then comment below with your opinion.

I am always up for a new challenge and adventure… however, I have a few wacky new ideas, and need some help filtering the duds from the gems.

Below is a short pitch for each idea, simply comment on this post with your thoughts on which (if any) you like.


The pitch: A daily video blog (or vlog, as the cool kids call it), where I share a tip, piece of wisdom, observation, rant etc… the vids will be a max of 3 minutes long.

Further info: I am a big believer in “Enter-trainment”, meaning, learning should be fun… so I have a couple of recurring ideas that could be built into the show intro to make it potentially amusing.

Possible flaws: History suggests that my passion for projects can diminish pretty quickly… so committing to a daily show, may be a dangerous move.


The Pitch: 100 LIVE webinars in 100 days… a test of focus, determination, and fatigue. Here is the twist though… I would document the behind the scenes journey… my challenges, highs and lows, struggles, successes, tips and more… it is like Jackass crossed with a Bear Grylls-esque survival type show for the business world.

Additional info: I would do a mixture of one of my webinar trainings to other people’s audience, and host for really inspiring and informative experts to my audience. The hard part here is not so much the actual 100×90 min of webinars, it is everything else that goes into it… for example, finding 100 joint venture partners alone is quite a challenge, not to mention the admin, accounting and fulfillment afterwards. I could consider getting a sponsor for the experiment, who would be briefly mentioned at the start of each webinar.

Possible flaws: Again, 100 days is a long time for someone who tends to be rather impatient at times. I would have to ensure that the behind the scenes, diary type information was engaging… and I don’t know if the challenge is shocking/gripping enough.


The Pitch: Kinda like webinars meets speed dating… one of the problems with webinars is that they can be too long and dull at times… so what if I did webinars with proven experts that were a max of 30 minutes long? A 60 sec timer for their intro, so they don’t go on about themselves for too long, and then a 2 min timer at the end for their soft pitch.

Additional info: All webinars would be live, all killer, no filler.

Possible flaws: I don’t know how interested the experts would be with this… 30 mins really isn’t a lot of time. But the time constraints could really make it an interesting experiment.


The Pitch: I take one of my training products, and each month I partner with a different mentor, and follow the strategies, systems and methods that they advise. Each mentor gets a share of my profits, each gets to put their signature on my business… which mentor will I make the most money with? What lessons and secrets will I learn? What really goes on behind the scenes?

Additional info: I would of course document my progress with each mentor, perhaps with a daily video or blog post… all the lessons learned will be shared, all mistakes revealed, all numbers and profits shared too…

Possible flaws: I am well connected in the industry, but convincing proven experts to spend time with me each and every day for an entire month may be tricky… by offering a % of sales, they may come around, but I really don’t know. Also, everyone has different backend systems and tools, and so there may be technological challenges that arise with this.

So there we go, some of my latest weird ideas… what are your thoughts? Which are the best/worst, and why?

I really appreciate your input.


PS: If you have any ideas of your own, I would be open to hearing them… webinars are my focus, so I try where possible to build webinars into the idea…. but I am open to most things.

  • Dean Hunt

    Please post your opinions here, and share this post with others. Many thanks.

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  • http://IsitbadthatIdon'thaveawebsite? Steve Sussman

    #1 – Great idea, but go with weekly, not daily. You don’t want to ‘Charlie Sheen’ your audience away by being omnipresent to the point where they get tired of you shortly after getting interested in you.

    #2 – More of a personal objective rather than one that will engage the public. From an entertainment standpoint, documenting 100 consecutive days of webinars sounds like the furthest possible thing from Jackass or Bear Grylls.

    #3 – Love it. If Twitter has taught us anything (and it hasn’t), it’s that brevity is the soul of wit… and everything else these days.

    #4 – Great concept, but probably a nightmare to execute. Would probably distract from your core business rather than enhance it.

    I admire your efforts to take things to the next level here. Good luck.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Thanks Steve, my thoughts on your comments is below….

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  • Dean Hunt

    1 = Here are some comments on your comments (this is like Inception for comments) ;-)

    “go with weekly, not daily” Logistically, I would probably record them in weekly batches, and then post them one at a time… I follow a lot of people on YouTube, and almost without fail, the daily publishers have the biggest audience… your point remains valid though, and I guess it all comes down to the quality of the content.

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  • Dean Hunt

    2 = “More of a personal objective rather than one that will engage the public.” This is a good point… the hook/challenge would need to be something that would engage the public, and not just a select few marketers…. perhaps a more financial challenge would appeal? e.g $100k in 100 days.

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  • Dean Hunt

    “#3 – Love it.” – thanks… I definitely see legs in this idea.

    “#4 – Great concept, but probably a nightmare to execute. Would probably distract from your core business rather than enhance it.” – Yes, all great points… execution would be very tricky… and business is a marathon, not a sprint, so constant changing of techniques and focus may be a big distraction.

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  • Brad Spencer

    Hey Dean,

    Love the ideas…my favorite is the Rapid Webinars because 30 minutes is a great time limit. More than an hour and they’re boring.

    I think you could record them and use them as a nano-continuity like site for 10-15 a month…so you get residual affiliate commissions off putting the replay on a page and a link underneath to buy it…plus the 10 buck a month continuity income :)

    That’s my favorite idea b/c almost anyone can get on and talk for 30 minutes CINCH…

    Love it homey.


    PS- If you do this, I’d be happy to pop the cherry of this idea :)

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  • spencer shaw

    #3 sounds like the most viable option b/c it is most flexible and scaleable. I’m sure it’d be a fun gig and JV’s would promote. Short comment for ya.

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  • Kevin DaSilva

    Hey Dean,

    Seen your post in FL Marketing Mafia. Dude LOVE the ideas bro. Its very similar to my plan. I’ll just share my plan and maybe it’ll set something off…

    1. Daily Videos.. BUT YES, record like 10-20 in a single day once a week.

    I’ve been keeping a journal by my side and a folder in my bookmarks solely for the purpose of storing “EVERGREEN” content ideas.

    I’ll try to do fresh videos everyday… BUT life, work & some type of BS will always get in the way… Which is when you tap into your “stockpile of done videos” whenever you don’t have time to create something fresh.

    I made this mistake once before & fell off track BIG TIME.

    2. Again, like you said… “Quick Hit Webinars”

    BUT, instead of doing 100 in a row… I’ll be doing these once a week (those 100 can get you 2 years worth of weekly). Because what happens after the 100th day and you have all these people following you… you know?

    I think weekly Quick Hit Webinars is the way to go! Again this is just my opinion.

    3. Then, either Weekly OR Monthly “Newsletter/Magazine!”

    This is my plan and IMO I think this right here is the “ULTIMATE TRIFECTA!”

    It hits every demographics between Videos, Live Events & Newsletter!

    #1 thing is just staying CONSISTENT!

    Check out the people who stay consistent on their Fan Pages (which is like .01% but still)…

    These people can max out 1000 person webinars every week, even multiple times a week! AND ITS NOT THEM PRESENTING the majority of the time!

    This is awesome!

    I’m with ya 10000% dude! Doing your ideas Dean along with some Strategic Social Media… And your gonna KILL IT! I dont think they are “terrible ideas” at all… I think its exactly what more IM’ers should be doing.

    Sorry for writing an long ass article bro… lol

    Its just I sincerely believe that this is where we are at nowadays… BUILDING HUGE AUDIENCES & MAKING MONEY FROM PROVIDING MASSIVE VALUE FOR FREE… CONSISTENTLY!

    Hope this helps in someway!


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  • Margaret

    I love idea 3, and I like 1, but not with daily videos – I get so many emails every day that I’d just feel overwhelmed getting a video every day. What about 2-3 videos per week?

    Good luck!

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  • Jennifer Wenzel

    #3 for the Charlie Sheen Win.

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  • Stoney

    Hi Dean

    #1 – If anyone could pull off a daily video and keep it fun and interesting you could but with that said it’s not of great interest to me because I am very protective of my head space and inbox so I stay on my track and they would end up going automatically into a folder and I would probably never get to see them.

    #2 – Nice idea but Dean that’s a huge commitment. I’d lose interest after about 3 hours unless they were totally, totally, totally awesome. How about you scale it back… 10 webinars in 10 days for $10,000+ profit? And then tell us how you pulled it off please. As I’d be more interested in the latter…

    #3 – Great idea and that’s something I would make time to watch if the subject was of interest in helping me be a better internet marketing consultant.

    #4 – Great idea but does it need to be monthly on a schedule? How about you do it in an ad-hock way across a year and work with a handful of the best of the best. As I’d be totally interested in your lessons learned after the fact on each one…

    Keep up the great work


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  • David Walker

    Hey Dean,

    Love the ideas. Here’s my take on them:


    Ha, you said “dose”… I am doing this myself, but with “infotainment” style emails rather than videos – Monday to Friday emails since the start of May. I know video is supposed to be “easier” but I am a fast writer and you don’t have to potch about with editing, uploading etc. However, if you could continually be b funny and still weave in some marketing lessons in a daily video, it would be great for your viewers.


    Just yesterday I compiled my new webinar (your training is excellent, by the way) so you’ve got my mind racing with this one. To do 100 days straight would be mind boggling in terms of income. You’d easily clear $1m after after affiliate commissions – why WOULDN’T you do this?


    Love it. Interesting spin on the traditional “interview” and would make an excellent product when recorded and packaged up.

    4. MENTOR X

    Not so keen on this one. Sometimes things take longer than a month to really get going so you may just find yourself perpetually starting over.

    For me, the 100 webinar challenge is the best idea. It’s the hardest but will also be the most financially rewarding and you could make an awesome product out of your experiences of doing it… zero to a million in 90 days, what’s not to like?


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  • Peter Humleker

    Really dig #3 the best Dean! I hardly watch any webinars because
    A.) They are too long
    B.) They usually are just done to sell you some course
    C.) They have too much fluff b.s. and don’t get to the meat fast enough or if there even is any beef in the first place… Where’s the beef? Remember that? LOL

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  • Steven Ecker

    I’d still go for #3. Like for the most of us here, it may be traditional but this is the safest choice. Please hear me out and take my advise.

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  • Juho Tunkelo

    #3 is definitely getting my vote, webinars have by now.. well, if not jumped the shark, at least become commoditized. I mean, nobody has the time to sit on an hour long webinar every other night. I definitely see a future in short webinars. Of course it’s a challenge in terms of structure, providing enough value and still selling something.. but, there’s pros for that. ;)

    As for #1, the daily dose, make it a pithy daily audio podcast and I’m there. Almost nobody has the consistency to do that, so you’ll immediately stand out. And being on people’s iPods/iPhones is an advantage.

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  • Kellen Purles

    I like idea #3. I love the idea of webinars. I went to a marketing conference this year called SAM put on by Ryan Lee and some other guys and that was their format.

    Each presenter had 20 minutes to knock their topic out of the park with high quality, actionable content. It was great to hear from a variety of professionals and be able to digest what they were teaching and take action after the fact.

    With longer webinars you sometimes get information overload and you come away wondering what to do first instead of having a few clearly defined lessons with action items.

    Great blog. Keep up the good work. Loved your post on KPI’s

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  • Rachel Karl

    Hey Dean! I really like IDEA #3: “Rapid Webinars” Sounds really fun and great for both the audience and the people being interviewed :)

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  • Nicola Cairncross

    Not sure if you still need feedback on this but I like the Rapid Webinars crossed with the 100 webinars in 100 days idea. If you asked us all you could come up with 100 great people to interview and doing it in a big hit like that will make sure you finish it knowing there is an end of the tunnel. It would be an awesome body of work, that transcribed, could be turned into a book with a clever editor. Just a thought! Nicola

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