What’s YOUR Story?


Do you know what your story is? If not, you will need to find out, as it is a critical part of online business success.

The video below explains, for the first time ever on video, my story of how I ended up making a living online.

Apologies for the quality, my net connection disconnects when I upload to Youtube, so I had to make it as small as possible.

That is my full, un-polished, un-edited story… Please post your story in the comments below, or even better, upload a video to youtube, and I will add your video here.


  • http://www.CollectiblesCornerTV.com Tammy

    I like to be your first comment, cause i’m a dean hunt junky. I attend a group weekly. Clearly will be getting you a video :)

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    Looooong story, I normally tell a polished version, I will blame pig flu.

    Hope you enjoy it.


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  • http://renegadeconservatoryguy.co.uk/ Matthew

    This is my story:


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  • http://anthonymyersinc.com Anthony

    The writing of my personal story is something I need to do.

    I’ve gone through a lot of personal transformations over the last year, so it would be good to have a record of that. Even if it was just for personal use.

    I’ve had so many epiphanies it is hard to keep track…

    Very cool story Dean. Glad you found your passion.

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  • http://www.collectiblescornertv.com Tammy

    Hi Dean, as promised, here’s my video story about me and http://www.collectiblescornertv.com:


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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    Great story, many thanks.


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  • http://rkcka@aol.com Robski

    My Readers Digest bio is I was born in 1956, raised in a little town Winchester, Massachusetts.
    Joined the Marines then the Army and then the Navy – then figured out the military was not for me (longer story but – )
    While in the Military I was a Medic (a really good one) and then learned Medical Electronic repair which I choose cause I thought it would pay well as a civilian. Got a Job in 1985 at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston Texas and stayed there for pretty much 20 years with a few years stop in Missouri 1998 – 2001 to be closer to my wife’s family. There I worked for the Post Office for a miserable 2 years (worse job I ever had – longer story but – ) and took a job in Wal-Mart instead til my old job in Houston took me back. I got the idea I should go back to school to become a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner but that did not work out ( a really long story there – but)
    Anyhow we sold or gave away half our belonging to move here to Philadelphia where the school that accepted me is, and now – No school – or degree, No job, deep in debt and looking for a way out.

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  • http://fineestateliquidation.com Fine Estate

    Wow Dean,

    This is Cool!

    Here is the short story version.

    I like “Story.”

    I discovered a long time ago that “Things” contain stories; that what makes a thing extra desirable is its story…

    And that’s good, but it gets even better if there is anything like a surprise woven into the story.

    That’s how I found my passion – To re-tell stories that have surprising revelations about Antiques and Collectibles…


    P.S. You can thank Tammy for my visit…she’s in the surprise biz too…

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  • http://greatestreviews.net/ Agent 001

    Its nice to tell your story. I am currently not very eager about it as I have planned it on near future.

    I am also thinking of Video like you are doing. May be 2-3 video with different styles.

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