What is Creativity?


What is creativity?

One of the main aspects of creativity that I enjoy is the concept of taking existing objects and combining them in different ways for new purposes. For example, Gutenberg took the wine press and the die/punch and produced a printing press. In fact, experts have since described creativity as “a simple definition of creativity is the action of combining previously uncombined elements.

For me, nothing demonstrates this better than the following video. It shows clips from George Bush and Tony Blair, edits them into a new sequence, and adds music… the result….


  • http://www.retireat21.com Michael Dunlop

    Haha… Great video, very creative!

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  • http://freelancingtips.info Freelancers Store

    I saw that some time ago, thought it was funny. This one is even more hysterical:



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  • http://www.notesinspanish.com Ben

    Dean, you would enjoy this book, it fits your creativity theory:


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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    Thanks Ben,

    I will add it to my shopping cart. I am sure it will look great on my bookshelf next to a book you may be familiar with “Errant in Iberia” ;-)


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  • http://www.correctmindforweightloss.com David Maleney

    Love it,Dean!

    Very touching indeed.

    I always knew Bush wore the leather trousers in that relationship ;-)

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  • http://www.ministrybestpractices.com/ Bill Reichart

    You are right on the money with your point. Creativity is about making new associations.

    I had just post some thoughts on that same issue and subject here on my site:


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