Weight Loss and Wine


Natasha here, Dean’s assistant.

While Dean has been on an experiment to lose weight quickly (despite being slightly underweight already), I have been quietly observing from the side lines…with cake. Each day I eagerly await the news of what breakfast was that morning. This can range from yoghurt to, the most concerning so far, 3 egg whites, one yolk and half a can of black beans, mmm yummy!

Still not all the food has been that bad. The turkey with spinach, carrots and beans looked pretty edible, as did the Chilli and beef stew! As for the slop that was brought into the office recently though – I don’t even want to go there. Not my cup of tea at all, which as it happens is another no, no! Dean’s been pushing it with the odd black coffee and glass of vino (sorry did I say glass, I meant bottle), but in terms of drinks its mostly water, water and more water.

So far Dean has lost 6lbs in 7 days, mostly through this diet, albeit a couple of brief trips to the gym. Just goes to show that you don’t need to turn into a gym freak to make a difference. You do have to be careful though. By not eating enough of the right food i.e beans and lentils, you can get really low on energy, as Dean can confirm. However this could also be caused by the amount of times he rushes up and down to the scales to check his weight during the day…..


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