Webmasters Education 101


Webmasters Education 101

Take your seats, stop chatting, eyes forward and welcome to Webmasters Education 101.

A few weeks ago I sold my main network of web sites and during the sale my mind started going into overdrive for what this sale could mean for me. I knew that I could create some new sites and get straight back into the action, but to be honest I wanted to do something slightly different to take a break for a while.

One of the options was to focus on my Spanish for 6-8 weeks, and it was clear that some sort of education was my best option.

However, I am in Madrid and therefore I am looking to learn some more via the comfort of my pc.

So for the near future I am going to be reading as much as I can with the aim of learning some new techniques and perfecting old ones. I have bought some e-books and have also placed an order with Amazon, so here are some of the topics I will be learning over the coming weeks:


I will be going over all the above topics and hundreds more and then putting what I have learnt into my own words and then publishing it here on DeanHunt.com

But Dean, you say that you make a lot of money online and that you do freelance work as well… I thought you knew everything?

I certainly don’t know everything. I know enough to make a nice living from the net, but if I can learn enough new information to earn me only an extra 500 pounds a year then that = 20k over the next 40 years. Not bad for a few weeks work ;)

But Dean, what about the Deanos Den project (Dragons Den)?

I am still keen to push forward with that project, but I am keen to get the webmasters education out of the way first.

I couldn’t have picked a worse week to start this education though. This week we are up to our eyes in work we have to do on the new house, but hopefully I can get the first set of lessons on here over the next few days.

Let me know your thoughts via the comments box.


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