Web Traffic Orgasm


Don’t worry… this is not an adult post!

I have coined the phrase “Web Traffic Orgasm” to describe the huge, exciting surge of web traffic to your website. Pre-web 2.0 these sorts of traffic surges were only for the big boys (ooops), but since sites like Digg.com we can all experience a web traffic orgasm from time to time.

I have experienced many of them, and I have to say, they are bloody fantastic!

It can be really exciting seeing 20 new visitors PER SECOND, and not knowing if your server will melt or not.

Anyway, I can reveal that my book that I co-wrote with my biz partner and close friend Barry Dunlop will be entitled:

The Web Traffic Orgasm – A How-To Guide to Buzz Marketing on a Budget

The key here is to stand out from the crowd with a shocking and head turning title. I am proving a point by giving it such a name.

Here is the front cover, let me know your thoughts:

web traffic orgasm

What Do You Think?

Do you like or dislike the name?

Do you like the cover?

Would you prefer a PDF package or a Print package when it is released?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is Super Excited and 10 is Mega Excited, how excited are you about my first ever book being released?

Free Case Study

I did some buzz marketing case study posts earlier this year, they have since been packaged into a fancy PDF. You can grab a free copy via the following: Web Traffic Orgasm, you also get free updates about the book from that site.


  • http://imtrip.com Tom

    It rocks ! The cover is great and the title can’t be anything else, it tells everything. I think I’m at level 11 on your excitation scale.

    I’m on the buyer list, will it be translated in other languages ? (I’ll take it in English anyway).

    As for printed or PDF version, no real preference (both ?)


    Current score: 0
  • Steven

    I agree with Tom.

    The cover is fab, I am also at 11 on your scale and i will happily buy both the print and the download editions.

    I have no interest in any other language that English though, and I think the name of the book is simply genius, absolute genius. Well done Dean and co.

    Current score: 0
  • http://maryspad.com mary

    The cover looks awesome – great design and colors, and great appeal. Love the title!!

    I have a preference for print copies because I can carry it around, read it on the train or at the park, mark it up, etc.

    Current score: 0
  • Ryan

    I think the cover looks great!!!

    my preference is for a download version,as i live in Czech Republic and getting books shipped here is a pain seen as half the post from the U.S. goes “missing”. But here’s is an idea!, Why not allow people download the book after they have ordered the print version?

    Current score: 0
  • Chuck

    If 1 is super excited and 10 is mega excited I would have to say I am uber excited and give you a 15 for the release of your book.

    If you sell it as a download what difference does the cover make—unless you print it off. In which case I would imagine the printing machine will flashback on an old LSD trip.
    You decide if thats good or bad. hahhahahahahahahahahahaahaha

    Current score: 0
  • http://www.cybercashology.com Robert Phillips

    I love the title. Why not BOTH a physical book & a .pdf but definitely a physical book, put it on Amazon, and now your a published author.

    What is the purpose of the book? Is it a lead generator? If so, the Dan Kennedy No B.S. books might be helpful to look at. They are great books by themselves but they also have many other offers & upsells.

    This is definitely a topic of interest but how can I get “10″ excited over a book….maybe if you’re putting centerfolds in it. What is the release date?

    Current score: 0
  • http://www.top-work-from-home.com Chris

    Dean – first of all I am a bit surprised that you care what we think – that does not seem to be your style on this blog.

    But since you have asked….

    I like the cover, the title, and think you should go with just the pdf – I never bought a book when I can download it.

    Oh , and on the scale of 1 – 10. I am sure your book rocks and the content is fantastic but since I already have 1,00,000 ebooks on traffic, making money online, and everything else under the sun I will hold out until your super powerful copy on the sales page whips me into a super excited state convincing me your book is better than all the rest to rate my excitment level.

    Current score: 0
  • http://www.slymarketing.com Jens P. Berget

    I agree, the cover looks great and the title is very appealing.

    You certainly are in front of the crowd!

    Current score: 0
  • GT

    I just found your site, love the title and the cover. is it published yet, and whats the price?

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