Your Web Content Blues


Let’s talk content…

Whether it be email content, blog content, articles, videos, newsletters, sales material… everything is content, and without content, the Internet is a hollow, empty space filled with links that go nowhere…

We all know how crucial it is, but it can be a pain in the butt to create. What’s more, people say you NEED great content, but you may be asking… Dean, What defines great content? Also, how do I get ideas for content? How do I make content that grabs attention, gets noticed, talked about etc…? How do I create content quickly that is high value? How do I create emails that get opened? Blog posts that get clicked?

You get the picture…

Content, bloomin content can be a huge hassle.

So I wanna do something about it.

In fact, I want to know the precise content related questions you have, so that I can create the answers for you.

So, I need your help.

What are your BIG content questions? What content advice or secrets would you most like to learn that could help your business? What are the areas you currently struggle with?

It can be anything from how to find and create creative ideas, to headlines, to email subject lines, webinars, videos, product creation or more…

I can’t guarantee I will know all the answers, but I will do my darn best.

Ask and yee shall receive.

Speak soon.


  • Agent Deepak

    I want to know how to create stunning videos to promote my blog. Also I want to write a ebook, not getting the push yet. How do I write it nice and easy?
    .-= Agent Deepak´s last blog ..MARKETING vs SELLING Your Blog =-.

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  • Brandon Ellis

    Hey chief. I don’t necessarily -(thank you spell check)
    have any specific questions really, but want in the conversation. I really really believe if you are doing something you are passionate about that content won’t be an issue really. I am really creative so may have a bad perspective of getting ideas. But if you love something like collecting arrowheads and that’s your passion, you could talk about that all day,and content would not be a problem.

    If your doing something to make money only, and content ideas aren’t coming up, I think the problem is the passion and your in the wrong place.

    Just my thoughts. Thanks for allowing me to rant on a bit.

    p.s. You should dub your fans Deananites. It has a ring to it! Latr
    .-= Brandon Ellis´s last blog ..War. What is it good for? Absolutely A Lot!! =-.

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  • Melvin

    How do I integrate good pictures in my posts? Do i need to buy specifically some pics or need some designers to do one for me?

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  • Andrew deRenzy

    Videos are awesome to get into but you need to make sure you don’t lose your audience by boring them out. always make sure SOMETHING is happening in them. Music is crucial too.

    there are plenty of stock photo websites that sell pictures but I find it easier to use google images and then setting my search settings to high resolution, it picks up those videos people dont really find
    .-= Andrew deRenzy´s last blog ..How to Heel-Toe =-.

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  • Company

    I think one of the biggest issues facing small businesses, specficially startups, is marketing. So more content on marketing strategies would be great.

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  • Tristen Royal

    re:Agent Deepak

    Eben Pagan made this about as simple as it get’s- When you’re writing your foundational product, or just an ebook. Pick ten of your BEST points, and then give each of them about ten sub points, after that all you need to do is add some elaboration, detail and personality and the book should be good as gold.
    You need to remember that ebooks are not meant to be read like novels. They almost always consist of some sort of “How To” information, and if you’re giving ten strong points, ten sub points, and then some elaboration and detail (don’t forget to edutain(entertainment + Education)) then you’re going to have a very solid product- if of course you have ten points that you know a lot about that other people want to learn.

    Good luck,
    -Tristen R. Royal

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  • Joy @ benefits of laughter

    Hi Dean

    Where did you get the moving red arrow from? Its cool! I wouldn’t mind one like that….
    .-= Joy @ benefits of laughter´s last blog ..Healing Moments: The Role of Compassion as Healer =-.

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  • Ahmed

    Content is King and words = money.
    the most successful marketers are good writers and content can be created with an idea. Ideas don’t come whenever we want so I use to have a notebook with me to note down whatever comes in my mind in order to create powerful content. I think that one must start and with practise improvement comes.
    Another important tip is to use a relevant picture with the content because a picture worths a thousand words.
    .-= Ahmed´s last blog ..Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus =-.

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  • Andrew@BloggingGuide

    I think the greatest challenge that any blogger is facing is how to create content that can attract a lot of visitors to your website.

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  • Tyron Zakrzewski

    very nice put up, i actually love this website, carry on it

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