We Have Come a Long Way Baby


Today in the UK millions of people will lose money and get drunk!

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If you have ever visited the Bolton area of England then this may sound like any other Saturday, but today is in fact the day of the Grand National.

The Grand National is a major horse race where even people who have never placed a bet in their lives will risk some shillings on the horse with the name they like the most.

But what has this got to do with my blog? And why should you be interested?

5 years ago to this exact day I was working in a high street bookmakers (betting shop). I was assistant manager and was often called to any store that needed my help.

On this particular day I was called to a store in Bolton (North West England), and it was by far the worst, most hectic working day of my life.

I am not going to go into the details of the stress we worked under, but being threatened on an hourly basis for minimum wage is not something I would recommend to anyone, especially considering I was still a teenager at the time.

So why am I sharing this story with you?

Today is exactly 5 years to that day. My life has changed completely in every way, and I am doing a 5 year review on what I have achieved, and where I would like to be in 5 years time.

Positive changes compared to 5 years ago

* I now live in Spain with Elena

* I have a brand new house with a swimming pool

* I have a job that I enjoy that pays a lot more than the bookmakers.

* I am more confident

* I have met numerous inspirational people

* I have learned a lot about numerous web related subjects

* I have grown physically (I used to be as think as a rake)

On the negatives I have:

* Still need to improve my Spanish

* I am not as healthy as I was 5 years ago (too much time behind a pc screen)

* I now need glasses whilst working (Used to have pilots vision)

* I still bite my nails

My goals for 2012

* To still be working alongside my current business partner

* To still be enjoying my job

* To still be posting once per week on DeanHunt.com

* To have invested in numerous online property

* To be speaking fluent Spanish

* To have visited 5 new countries

What I would like you to do is compare your current life to the one you had 5 years ago, and then make a plan of goals you want to hit in 5 years time.

Use the comments feature at the bottom of this article and I will promise you that in 5 years time this blog and your post will be online for all the world to see.

Why do this?

Setting goals is essential to being successful! but by making your goals public, you cannot shy away from them. 5 years from now there will be people reading your goals, and they will want to know if you achieved them.

Making your goals public will add that extra incentive to push you onwards towards achieving them.

In fact, in 5 years time I will contact you personally and see if you have achieved them.

So get your thinking cap on and email me at contact@deanhunt.com or use the comments feature below.


PS: Don’t contact me asking for a tip for this years Grand National, I haven’t placed a bet in over three years.

PPS: If you are in a more negative position than 5 years ago then you have even more incentive to make some solid goals now.