VIDEO: Make 2013 your best year ever


Want to make 2013 your best year ever?

Below is a video with tips and tricks to help you out.

NOTE: Under the video are timestamps incase you want to skip to the parts of the video most relevant to you.

Total video time: 40:33

0:00 – video intro and overview

1:26 – How to get unstuck?

04:08 – Your ideas are worthless!

05:35 – How to achieve more this year.

08:16 – How to know when something isn’t working for you.

12:08 – WordPress vs HTML for Google love?

15:21 – How to get media attention for your business.

18:54 – Time management hacks?

23:12 – How to raise capital for my business?

25:18 – How to hire the right people?

28:14 – How to get new customers/clients?

29:36 – How do I reach local prospects?

33:00 – Thoughts on Facebook/Groupon “nearby”?

34:38 – How to get started & how to avoid procrastination?

37:51 – What is the next big thing?

39:14 – Speak with Dean (everyone check this out)

  • Dean Hunt

    I hope this is of help to you all…. Have a great year.

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  • Phillip Stark

    Hey Dean! Great stuff. I also just wrote a quick post on the worthlessness of ideas:

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  • making friends

    Great tips, I really enjoyed this video.

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  • making friends

    Great tips especially on time management

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  • zersys

    Great video explanation…website design company bangalore

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  • PaulUduk

    Execution, execution, execution. Some people attend seminars, conferences and workshops but never settle down to do anything. They are always looking for more ideas, and the best time. There is never a best time. Just do it, a la Nike!

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