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Warning: May contain traces of nuts.

dean hunt & ciaran Doyle

left: Dean Hunt right: Ciaran Doyle

Hi all,

As an experiment I am working on two new podcast shows, one is professional, the other unprofessional, both should be hugely valuable and hopefully interesting as well.

The first podcast features my good friend Ciaran Doyle and I. It is a little unprofessional, and is very much a test/pilot episode.

Future shows will be approx half the length, and will have regular weekly features.

Please have a listen, we really would LOVE your feedback. We pose lot’s of questions on the show, so please use the comments box below to give your comments, questions or feedback.

In this week’s show:

* We discuss Tony Robbins entering the online marketing space, and the ramifications of that.
* A morning routine for success, and how Dean’s routine involves YouTube and cereal in bed.
* We share wacky entrepreneurial stories from our youth, including the now infamous ‘Turd on a Tie’ business.
* Dean loses concentration due to his cleaners coming in during recording (hard life).
* How to find business alliances.
* How to position yourself in your market (even based on negatives)
* & the SHOCKING blank DVD trick that naughty marketers are using.

Enjoy, and click the play button above to start the audio.

PS: we are in two minds whether or not to do this in the future, we enjoyed recording it, but would love your feedback.

  • Tammy

    Is Ciaran single?

    LOL – you guys are awesome!

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  • Dean Hunt


    He has a girlfriend.

    One day I will try and steal his Irish accent.

    Glad you enjoyed it.


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  • Dean Hunt

    NOTE: Guys n gals, just for info, we appreciate that this pilot is waaaay too long, and future eps will have a solid structure.

    I guess we wanted to throw it all out there, and see if there are some diamonds in the rough.

    So try and judge it on the potential it could have ;-)

    Be kind, we are sensitive folks.


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  • Dax L’Amour, Ph.D

    Absolutely incredible!
    Do more of these, please!

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  • Melissa

    Good Stuff Dean&Doyle!
    How about “Get off you Ass Podcast” eh?

    Not too sure about the turd stuff, hysterical though! I think you should send Perry a turd-tie, could you imagine the sales letter for that one?

    weird question…what sort of plugin are you using for the opt-in box below? Its rad & I want to steal it thanks.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Many thanks.

    If the demand is there, we will do more for sure.


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  • Dean Hunt

    Melissa, that would be a great name, thanks for that.

    Plugin is “ultimate footer ad” was $47 if i recall.

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  • michael

    How about KGB Show ( Killer Genius Bunny )

    Anyway – I am still not certain about the motivation behind Tony Robbins entering the IM space. Either Frank Kern and Company is trying to reach the Robbins audience or ( more likely, IMHO )Tony Robbins is searching for a new audience. If that’s the case than the students have become the masters.

    In any case it might be the first JV deal between off and online marketers.

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  • george

    Interesting, did you do this in a studio?
    I liked the sound quality.

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  • Bart Gragg | Blue Collar University

    I like the idea that podcasts can and should be more “folksy” or “friendly”, ore real, not staged as we so often hear. I would imagine the content will be more appropriate in the future.

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  • Sarah

    Yeah, as you were talking, I was thinking that you edit without losing much. At the same time, it’s pretty funny to hear you both riff on stuff.

    Definitely do more.

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  • Benu

    I loved the podcast! You guys need to do more!

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  • Tammy

    I have one cup a day in the afternoon (coffee). Organic. With organic milk. I think that in moderation it’s helpful, and does increase productivity, but dude, ditch the cocoa puffs!

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  • Dean Hunt

    Sarah, I agree, I think the “riffing” will lead to some funny moments and interesting info, so we dont want to edit too much.

    This was 99.99% unedited.

    In future there will be a lot more structure/weekly, regular features.

    Thanks for the kind words.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Benu, many thanks, we will aim to do more.

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  • Kennedy

    Great podcast. Good to see I’m not the only looney doing a podcast. Love the personalities… although it’s nice to think that Dean has friends this is obvious propaganda to steer us all away from thinking you spend all your time alone on the interweb. Obviously the Irish accent was the only one Dean could do to throw us of the scent….;)
    Looking forward to the next one.

    p.s. Enterprise as a kid? I always had neat handwriting and so used to charge kids 50p to write them notes of get them out of ding sports.

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  • Cynthia

    Love it, you guys are the best! keep it coming every week

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  • Anders Online Marketing

    I am working with marketing in Denmark and is searching for inspiration in the digital world. Thanks for inspiration

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  • Roberta Jerram

    Absolutely brilliant!

    What nuggets! Don’t change your style… love everything just the way it is…

    And enterprise as a kid? Talk about niche marketing, I used to coach my friends at the last minute just before a spelling test because I was always the annoying one in the class who got 10/10 with ease!

    Wish I’d heard of Mr Robbins back then (but guess he hadn’t quite made his name in the 70s in rural England) because I’d have made my marketing ampaign:
    “If you can’t spell you must and if you must spell you can!”

    Keep up the great work guys!


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  • Chris Swyer – Information Empire

    Hey guys! I Liked the podcast! I whacked it on my iPod and went for a long walk with it playing! I thought it was quite entertaining and you should do more.

    * If I did public speaking, I kinda like the idea of a big cloud of smoke appearing on stage and then the keyboard riff from “The Final Countdown” kicking in… Then maybe I could rise up out of the floor wearing a single sequined sliver glove (MJ stylee!)

    A bit OTT??! NAH! ;-)

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  • Agent 001

    Haha…….. Lets see how this goes. I will be watching closely. Anyways how about call this podcast “Pro Hunting” or Pro Nuts Show”.

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  • Daniel Matthews

    Haha this is awesome… gave me a cheery start to the day! To be honest I like Rock, Paper, Success as the title of the podcast.

    I listened to it all the way through without any problems, however I’ve just downloaded it onto my iPhone and it cuts of at 27 seconds?! Not sure whats going on there? Probably something my end.

    Good stuff guys. Danny

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  • Ciaran Doyle

    Thanks for all the kind words guys, it’s fun to get to talk about the stuff you love, plus old deano aint that bad :) goblin trotters though? how bizarre!

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  • aine

    always looking for great info and a giggle

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  • Jon Lake (UK)

    Hi guys,

    I work my online Business full time and have just been doing some stuff with your audio in the background. Its been awesome, and do not worry about it being too long. Time flew!

    It was so refreshing to hear 2 regular guys chewing the cud in a regular,funny style without being either stuffy, up their own a**e, salesy or techie!!

    A round of applause for you guys – cant wait for the next one.

    Jon Lake – Torquay, Devon, UK

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  • Dean Hunt


    Thanks so much, we wanted to be anti all that you mentioned above. I dare say this industry needs a little light refreshment at times.

    We just finished recording episodes 2 and 3, they were great, ep 3 in particular is a gem, by far the best thus far.

    Ep 2 will be up this Friday as usual.

    Thanks again.


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  • Anthony

    This is awesome.

    Was having an unproductive day, and I was saving your podcast for when I had some time.

    I had a lot of laughs and great notes, so thanks!

    I am very happy with Tony Robbins entering the IM space as well.

    The interview he did with Frank Kern and John Reese was one of the most influential videos I have ever seen.

    And his new system is the first IM product I have ever bought.

    So now I have no excuses!

    Thanks again and can’t wait for the next one.

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  • Frank Garon

    Having met these guys in person, I can assure you all of three things:

    1. They are as wacky and funny in person. Even more so.

    2. They have big hearts and truly care about helping other people.

    3. They know their stuff and are WELL worth listening.


    PS: Dean gets extra points, because he’s a Mancunian.

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  • domagoj

    Dudes, you look decent, you sound decent, you have something to say… go video… :) you’ll get an audience…guaranteed.. :)

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  • Dean Hunt


    Many thanks, coming from you, that means a lot.

    and thanks for the extra points ;-)

    Domagoj, many thanks, bear in mind that Ciaran was in Spain and I was in the UK during the recording of this. We plan to do some special video podcast shows in the future though, perhaps eventually merging to video for each show.


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  • Darla Dixon

    I agree with Jon Lake, it’s very nice to hear people just having a conversation that’s not stuffy or spammy.

    I also liked being able to listen as I did other things online, so it’s great use of time. I’m not normally able to just listen to something very long online.

    For prize, consider a bean burrito. I’ve been promising the same prize on my Twitter account. When I get to a million followers, one lucky reader will receive the burrito. Heck, I might even upgrade it to a beef burrito. This has stirred up a lot of excitement among my Twitter followers. I’m at about 1,600 followers already, so it won’t be long now.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Many thanks for the kind words.

    Beef Burrito? I dont think our budget could stretch that far ;-)

    PS: Ep 2 is available here:

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