TweetDeck Causes Twitter and Facebook Worlds to Collide


TweetDeck just rolled out a new BETA release that means that you can update to both Twitter AND Facebook in just one go.

tweetdeck facebook

Link to Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck & Facebook Update

Sounds pretty darn cool, but despite less than 10 minutes of use, potential issues are already being found.

1) How will Facebook handle the hashtags? (hashtags = these things ####)

2) Is the fact that you cannot @ reply to people on Facebook going to be an issue? What happens when you @ reply on Tweetdeck and forget to untick the Facebook box?

I am sure there will be many positives and negatives to this, but I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts.

Post them below.


  • Ann Premazon

    I use and I am happy – it covers all I need to post. But as you say to RT or respond – I go to each application. I will wait to see more info before I install. Sure would love the issues you discuss to be handled with one application. It is just a manner of time. Oh… please do not slaughter any pigs today… I subscribed! LOL.

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  • Shel Horowitz

    I’ve been autofeeding my Tweets into Facebook for months–long before I was using Tweetdeck. There’s a plugin, I don’t remember the details, sorry.

    What you want to avoid are continuous loops!

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