Time To Go Deep Linking


A common question I am asked is “What time is it?” but without doubt that question is followed by “Deano, could you please tell me about deep linking?”

So with that in mind I will tell you about deep linking and my method for calculating deep link ratios.

What is a Deep Link?

A deep link is simply a link to one of the internal pages on your site. (Non-homepage)

Many people believe that the only deep links that have any effect are the ones from highly relevant and established pages, but we can discuss that at a later time.

How to calculate your deep link ratio

Lets get down to the nitty gritty. To calculate your deep link ratio you need to use Yahoo and follow the following steps (I will use the a4uforum as my example):

1: Go to Yahoo and use the linkdomain search on your homepage url. (Yahoo currently uses a new tool called siteexplorer, so we will use the siteexplorer urls for this example)

we now know that a4uforum has 19,747 inbound links to all the pages on the domain, but we need to remove all of the links from within the a4uforum site structure.

2: To filter the links from the a4uforum domain we now do the following: [lindomain:a4uforum.co.uk -site:a4uforum.co.uk] – we have now filtered the links from 19,747 to 2,160.

3: We now know how many links are from other domains. So now we need to filter out all of the links to the main page, thus leaving internal pages: [linkdomain:a4uforum.co.uk -site:a4uforum.co.uk -link:http://www.a4uforum.co.uk -link:http://a4uforum.co.uk] thus returning 474 results.

So now we simply divide the results from step 3 (474) by the results from step 2 (2,160) = 21.94%

So the deep link ratio for the a4uforum is 21.94%.

Bear in mind that spam sites and sites with poor content generally have a low deep link ratio. Whereas sites with quality info, content and tools have a much higher deep link ratio.

The key to SEO is to appear natural, and having a decent deep link ratio is a great way of masking your link campaigns etc…..

I recommend you look at the major players in your industry and see what type of ratio they have. If in doubt try and blend in with the major authority sites and you will be fine ;)


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