This Time Last Year


Where were you this time last year? What were you doing? What has changed? Are things better or worse?

These are questions that I often ask myself, and they are usually ignited by recurring events such as birthdays. In the morning I start my journey to Washington DC for the Millionaire’s Mastermind Group with Yanik Silver. It is especially poignant for me, as it was this time last year that I went to my first ever Mastermind meeting, in the exact same hotel.

So how have things changed 12 months on?

The main difference is that this time I don’t feel as much of an imposter as I did 12 months ago. I remember feeling really like the odd one out, and I remember vividly a meal where I was sat near to Ryan Deiss, and my catchphrase for the night must have been something like: “wow Ryan, I could never do that”.

When you are thrown into a world of private jets, 7 and 8-figure incomes, and Internet and business superstars, it is easy to be the rabbit in the headlights.

So what about 12 months on? Whilst I am still not entirely comfortable with that world, I certainly don’t feel like an imposter any more, and that is surely a big step in the right direction.

So feel free to join me in taking this opportunity to compare your life and business to this time last year… has it been a successful 12 months? What would you change if you could go back 12 months? Where do you hope to be 12 months from now?

As for me, this imposter is looking forward to his next chapter in this journey, fitting in, standing out… they are not important, what matters is the journey.

See you soon.


  • Andy

    Feeling uncomfortable is confirmation that you are doing the right thing by challenging yourself. Comfortable = stagnation.

    Personally, 12 months on, I am miles ahead of last year so thanks for the prompt to look back!

    Have fun Dean.

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  • Thomas Gray

    Well this time last year, I was heading towards the Cheque Republic for a weekend break, so no real interest there.

    But in terms of what I would do differently, then not very much. I have setup all the companies I wanted to setup, and made all the money I wanted to make.

    I could have done with plucking up the courage to ask a few more girls out, but apart from that I would stick to what i’ve got.

    But my motto is not to dwell on what could have been. But think about what is.


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  • Teresa Caldwell

    Dean, this is just weird because I know I am no where near the level in this whole internet marketing thing as you are. I just got interested in it this time last year because I had no job prospects in this small town of Shamrock, Texas, Population 2000. Well anyway, I submitted a video in a video contest and one a full free pass to Affiliate Summit East 2007 that took place in July. I knew nothing about it at all a total newbie. Well I also went won another pass to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, by submitting a video. By then I had made more contacts, a few of the bigger names actually knew who I was. But it was only because of the video submissions. I have started some blogs, I am still learning the ropes. But to get to my point. This year I may be helping Shawn Collins who puts on the summit, with heading up a group of veteran attendees with the newbie attendees. I actually think that I have made some progress, I will get to work with many of the “Big Online Marketers” They will actually know who I am. You can’t have too many friends and contacts. The whole social networking has helped too, and being brave enough to create a few videos.
    The best thing that has happened since last year at this time is I found your site and you are such an awesome role model to me. You never bore me and you “Rock”.

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  • Teresa Caldwell

    I shuld hav looked at what I jus wrote, I hate to make erors in my speling and grammmer. Makes me look ignert.
    I didn’t mean one, I meant won. line 5 word 5.
    and instead of “I also went won another pass ”
    it should have been “I also won another pass” line 7
    I promise I am not drunk, I wish I was but I’m not.

    I also thought of one more thing that I wanted to say and that is I have met a friend of yours that lives in Spain also, Craig Dewes. He also has been a help to me, with a little advise, and that has happened in the past month. So two great contacts over the pond and several in the states. I feel like I am making progress.

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  • Teresa Caldwell

    Damn, maybe I am drunk I meant Craig Dewe instead of Craig Dewes. Sorry Craig. His blog is located at

    Well You Guys are Awesome and I appreciate you.

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  • Craig Dewe

    Thanks for the kind words Teresa. You are certainly making progress if you are further ahead than where you were last year. And obviously you are…keep up the good work!

    As for my own progress, this time last year my business and website hadn’t even been created. I had just started getting into the consulting more seriously and realising more business owners needed the information I had.

    It’s weird to think that was only a year ago. Sometimes it feels like you haven’t got to where you want, but when you look back you find you’ve still come a hell of a long way!

    Great post Dean, thanks for the chance to reflect.

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  • David Maleney

    I was a bit like this 12 months ago:

    Haven’t changed much :-)

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