The Only Young Couple in Spain Who DONT Need a Car


I think myself and Elena are perhaps the only young couple in Spain who DON’T need a car!

A brave statement in a world where cars are like limbs. But let’s look at the facts:

* We both work from home. In fact, our office is 10 yards from the bedroom. So we don’t need to travel to work

* Public transport in Madrid is far better than in the UK. So we can get to Madrid city centre with relative ease.

* We have a major supermarket on our road. It is a 4 minute walk to get there.

* We have a VIP account with said supermarket, and therefore can get all of our stuff delivered for free.

* Driving in Madrid is dangerous. Far more dangerous than the UK.

* The cost of cars, and the cost of running a car is crazy!

These facts are just a few of the ones we have been telling ourselves over the past 6 months. But truth be told, it is not easy living in the 21st century without a car, even in our exceptional circumstances, I mean, if there is one family in the entire Western world that DOESN’T need a car… it is us.

So two days ago I bought a car ;-)


It is not an expensive car. It wasn’t worth getting a BMW and using it once per week. But it will get us from A to B, and seeing as Winter is upon us, it may come in useful.

It seems the cancer of having to own a car has spread, even “The Only Young Couple in Spain Who DONT Need a Car” have one.

See you in the slow lane.


  • mary

    Cute car… lol

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  • Dean Hunt

    haha, thanks.

    It is an artists impression ;-)

    I will take some photos this w/end and post them on here for your amusement.


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  • vlad

    Hey dean,

    have you ever lived in brazil as a comparison? Ok, well there is not much of a comparison but how is there like beach life there? haha.

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