The Nerd Captcha


We have all seen captchas that have silly questions like “2+2″

But check-out this captch IMAGE for ultra-nerds:

  • David Wilkinson

    LOL – Where the heck did you see that? xD

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  • Renegade Conservatory Guy

    I keep reloading the page and getting the same difficult question ;-)

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  • TheArdit

    lol, where did you find that??
    It’s almost as easy as 2+2

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  • mark

    the reload didn’t change anything for me either. oh well, I guess I’m stupid.

    But, Im the best there is period. Remember me saying that Dean?



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  • Daniel Shaw


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  • Nicole

    Is the answer infinity? ;) LOL! This is too funny.

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  • Annie

    It’s a screenshot – reloading isn’t going to change a thing. And I want this….

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  • Leon

    The answer is 0, because the derivative of sin is cos, and when x is replaced by 0, cos(-pi/2)=0

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  • Tom Lindstrom

    Nice one.I bet you wont get too many comments with that one.

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  • Meredith Gould

    Too too funny and if Leon is right, then he is not human.

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