The Most Hypocritical Blog Post On the Net


Hello… my name is Dean and I am a hypocrite!

In fact, his is the single most hypocritical blog post on the net… so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Here we go….

Hypocritical Advice: If you own a blog, it is vital that you focus! It is great to come up with lots of ideas, but if you try and do too much, you will fail to fulfill your promises, and this is not a good thing.

Regular readers are probably aware that I am guilty of this, so in many ways, this post is an apology to all of you. I come up with a lot of ideas on a daily basis, and at the time, I am hugely passionate about them… but then I realise that I have numerous other things that are taking up my time, and they simply get pushed back or forgotten.

You may recall that I promised a series of copywriting blog posts, I think I perhaps managed two of those. Then, I did a two part “London Seminar Experience” blog series… but I haven’t completed part two.

Yesterday I started a series called Creating Your First Website and a good friend pointed out that I most likely won’t get the time to complete that either.

I am certain that this has lost me some readers, and so I urge you not to make the same mistakes.

This is a downside to having an active and creative mind, mixed with the desire to give as much value to my readers as possible. In many ways the creativity aspect is my strongest talent, but if I don’t control it, I will lose focus and disappoint my readers.

The Dean Hunt Pledge

From this day forth… I, Dean Hunt will not post a promise on unless I have ALREADY completed or almost completed the tasks required. I will also avoid doing large series based blog posts, as I am often too busy to complete them in time.

Thanks for your patience.

Yours truly.


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