The Most Difficult Path My Actually Be The Easiest Path


Imagine this… you are looking for success, and you look at your options, there are two clear paths in front of you:

Path A is the difficult path, it requires bravery, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and seems more likely to end in failure. Just the prospect of following this path terrifies you.

Path B is the easy, safe, option… you could follow this path in your sleep.

Which path do you take?

We all would like to believe we would go with path A, we imagine ourselves as brave, with massive potential… but if we are being honest, the reality is that most of us would go for the easier path B.

I see this every day, and I am guilty of it also… staying within our comfort zones, drifting from hour to hour like a zombie on autopilot.

But here is where everything changes for you…

You see, I believe that the most difficult path is actually the easier option.

Here is why this phenomenon occurs…

The Secret of the “Difficult” Path

Most people take the easy path, therefore there are millions of other people taking the same approach, so to have any chance of standing out on the easy path, you will need to be incredibly skilled.

However, less than 1% will ever truly step outside their comfort zones, so these brave few have virtually no competition… heck, they probably don’t even have to be that good, they practically succeed by default.



Imagine monkeys in a tree, there is adequate fruit on the lower and middle branches of the tree, but at the very top of the tree, on the most dangerous, scary, thin branches, is the biggest, juiciest fruit imaginable.

Almost every monkey will stay and fight it out with the other 99 monkeys for the adequate fruit, but one brave monkey will climb to the top and will find that it requires LESS effort than competing with the other 99 monkeys below.

Here is a business related example:

A friend of mine wanted to find someone to promote his products… so instead of taking the easy path, he took a deep breath and called one of the industry leaders… this industry leader agreed to the promotional deal, and it resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in sales… the industry leader then told him the following:

“Nobody ever just calls me up and asks me directly if I will promote for them, instead they either are afraid to ask me, or they send me an email which just gets caught up in the other hundred or so similar emails I receive each week. What you did was refreshing, and really stood out from the crowd.”

What’s more, the sales this deal generated were bigger than that of over 20 sales from smaller partners, so taking the less scary path of sending emails would require literally thousands of emails to be sent.

So as you can see, having the bravery to take the seemingly more scary and difficult path, will actually be much less effort longterm, and vastly more rewarding.

So if you have ever wanted an advantage that instantly puts you in the 1%, simply do what 99% of people are afraid to do.


  • Dee

     I can’t believed I never heard of thought of stressed being desserts backwards. But I do remember how to spell dessert vs desert and the number of “s’s” – “Everyone wants two desserts by only one desert.” However, that didn’t work for me since I love and live in the desert. I guess I’m uneducable!

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    • Dean Hunt

      haha. Nice one Dee.

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  • Shaqir Hussyin

    loved this post Deano!!
    awesome stuff, always take time to read your posts
    my friend!

    you got it. liked. retweeted.


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    • Dean Hunt

      Thanks Shaqs.. I hope all is well my friend.

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  • Gary Bloomer

    Hi Dean,

    The road less travelled, with its vines and its rocks to trip us; the trail to cut, with its chasms to cross and its mountains to scale; the forrest to descend into, with its roaring, hidden tigers set to pounce upon us, and the deserts to cross, with their endless dunes and their shimmering hallucinations … they are all beyond our comfort zones, but my of my, how they lead us to the richness of life!

    Have a great Easter weekend!

    Kind regards,

    —Gary B.

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  • Simon Haestoe

    “Most people take the easy path, therefore there are millions of other people taking the same approach, “ Completely brilliant post; the worlds needs to hear it man.

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  • goal setting

    Great perspective. Reminds me of the quote, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” It never hurts to ask for what you want and have a massive action plan so that all of your other options are open. You will get there.

    Live Your Dreams,

    Jill Koenig
    Author, Goals Coach

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  • Miriam Ortiz Y Pino

    Nice post.  I have found that if you set up routines to deal with the maintenance part of life, you can free up enough resolve to take path A more often. It kind of eliminates a lot of the excuses we give ourselves.

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  • Will Velazquez

    a brilliant post Dean…, and a good reminder of how to be…success seriously comes one decision at a time…resulting in action that often challenges us to be extra-ordinary…sometimes I forget, thanks for the reminder

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  • Web Outsourcing Gateway

    It takes a lot of bravery and courage to step outside our comfort zone. Actually, stepping outside our shell has never been easy, but as the saying goes “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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  • WiseStep

    Good post  people taking the same approach having grt one

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  • sweety

    i did it in my career as i chose CA in India…
    Thanks for sharing

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  • internet marketing

    Thanks Eric

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