The Internet Terrorist


Today I am going to become a terrorist. I am going to get what I want, and I am going to manipulate you into giving it to me.

Are you ready to be exploited?


Doh! I am not a very good terrorist.

Back to the drawing board… luckily I have the little black book of terrorist techniques, let’s have a look…. ah, here we are… BLACKMAIL.

You have heard of linkbait, so welcome to link-blackmail.

As the name suggests, it involves offering you something in exchange for a link.

For link blackmail to work, the thing that I offer has to be really cool, so a pair of my signed boxer shorts isn’t going to cut the mustard. Kidnapping your children will most likely lead to all sorts of legal issues, so instead I am going to have to kill you….. with kindness.

What if I was to offer you a secret that WILL save you up to 40% on ALL travel, hotels, restaurants and entertainment that you do… for life.

In fact, I will show you how to save 40% on your hobby as well. Doesn’t matter what your hobby is, I will get you a 40% discount on virtually every purchase.

Do you like sports cars? Well I can get you 40% off any car on the planet.

Do you like playing Xbox? I can get you 40% off any game.


Ok, now it is your turn… you have to offer a link in exchange.

However, I don’t want you to link to I already have tons of links, what I would like you to do is to help out a friend who is making a kick-ass resource for people who want to buy and sell websites.

Simply link to with the text “How To Sell a Website” from your site/blog and then leave the following comment on this blog post: “Dean, the red squirrel and the black eagle are nesting for winter

The clock is ticking… I am an impatient terrorist, so get moving!

Dean… the Internet Terrorist – Killing you with Kindness since 2007

  • mary

    Dean, the red squirrel and the black eagle are nesting for winter.

    I’ll bite!

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  • K

    “Dean, the red squirrel and the black eagle are nesting for winter”

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  • ste

    “Dean, the red squirrel and the black eagle are nesting for winter”


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  • K

    C’mon deano!

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  • Dean Hunt

    K, send me the url where you put the link please.

    By the way… for everyone else… I have been advised to speak to my lawyer before giving this advice out.

    I know that this makes me sound a bit of a wimpy terrorist, but better safe than sorry.


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