The Internet Business Lifestyle


We hear a lot these days about the “Internet Business Lifestyle”, we see marketers showing sports cars and fancy homes, 7 and 8 figure sums of cash etc… but these instances are few and far between.

My question for you all is this: What does the REAL Internet Business Lifestyle mean to you?

It could be:

  • freedom of choice,
  • not travelling to work each day on the subway,
  • working in your shorts,
  • sports cars,
  • being closer to your children…

It could be anything. So if you currently are successful in Internet Business, what do you like about it? And if you are working on being successful in Internet Business, what do you hope to get from it?


  • Sandy

    Dean – just wanted to let you know that I am a newbie to the business so I look at everything I can. It has become apparent that the false “riches” promises are just that. I have gotten weary of the hype that I am receiving…I don’t want to hear about how much money the person makes or see their fancy car. I just want to know how to get ahead of the curve and succeed in life.

    Thanks for the post,

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  • JP Moses

    Great thought provoker, Dean.

    I get out of it the freedom to eat Sushi with my wife in the middle of the day whenever I wish.

    I get the ability to take my daughter to school every morning and find out about her day every afternoon as soon as she gets home from school.

    I get to work on the back porch (weather permitting) and have my friends ask me if I’m in some sort of bird sanctuary when I’m talking to them on the phone (the birds in the back yard can be LOUD at times :-)

    I’m not a millioniare (yet). But as far as I’m concerned, I’m not waiting to “live the lifestyle”. I’m going to live as much of it each day as possible.


    Ps…GREAT picture! :-)

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  • Craig Dewe

    For me, I don’t think it’s really what I hope to get out of it. It’s what the Internet allows:

    - Low entrance costs
    - Greater reach

    If the Internet didn’t exist, I’d be in a physical business and looking for the same benefit…ensuring money doesn’t restrict my life.

    Although one specific benefit from the Internet is the ability to work from around the world with just a laptop. I may not be ‘financially free’ yet, but at least I’m geographically free.

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  • Dean Hunt


    I am referring more to the lifestyle that an Internet Business can generate, as opposed to the Internet Business itself… but yes, being geographically free is a great example.

    In fact, if it wasn’t for my mortgage on a new home and a young bulldog puppy, I would most probably be taking more advantage of the fact that I can work almost anywhere in the world.


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  • James

    It’s definitely the money and the freedom from the rat race. With an online business, you practically can work in any part of the world as long as there’s an internet connection.

    Really looking forward to having 4 holidays per year, each holiday lasting 3 months long…

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  • boostranks

    I do it for the hot chicks, although they can be demanding at times. Sometimes a man just wants 5 minutes to himself, you know what I mean?

    That, and the challenge, the freedom, the anticipation of success. Internet success to me means earning enough to pay the mortgage and bills for a few hours work a day, something which I am a long way from.

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  • http://www, Doc Jakson

    Dean said:

    “In fact, if it wasn’t for my mortgage on a new home and a young bulldog puppy, I would most probably be taking more advantage of the fact that I can work almost anywhere in the world.”


    For me it’s the ability ‘not to work’ anywhere in the world…work is easy to find anywhere..leisure living is another kettle of fish..

    all the best,

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  • Dean Hunt


    Good point.

    Yes, I could take a decade or so off and not do any work, but truth be told, I enjoy my work and am passionate about it.


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  • Teresa

    I am working on being successful in Internet Business, what do I hope to get from it?
    Doing something I truely have a passion for and being my own boss. Making money but having the freedom to help my family when they need me, (which is pretty often lately) I don’t plan on getting rich, I plan on getting happy. If I feel like I can contribute to the income of my family and still play the role of the wife, mother, etc. You know bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and never never let you forget your a man, I’m a woman ! (A successfull internet woman) That is my goal. Plus I love the friend and mentors I have met in the internet marketing world. To me it is amazing how helpful they are, how they want to share their knowledge and help each other. And getting to know you Dean has been the highlight of my whole internet marketing experience so far. You are my favorite mentor. ;)

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  • Thomas Gray

    An interesting question.

    I think of the internet business lifestyle as a chance to not have to travel to work every day, I work when I want to, within my own terms. Being able to pay myself as much as I need to pay myself, having the oppertunity to be completely free from the normal contraints. If I need to take 3 days off for a mass orgy, then I can.

    I love the fact that nobody dictates how fast I work, or how much I should work, the only targets that I have set, are my own personal targets.

    And also, because I get to work in the nude. Although I did that anyway. Any guesses on my previous profession?


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  • 2ThePoint

    Hmmm…I’m not there yet, but what I do hope to get from it is:

    – a sense of achievement and empowerment that comes from knowing that I’m supporting myself financially based on my own creative ideas.

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  • Alan Cox

    Hi Dean,
    I enjoy your posts by the way, I find them immensly refeshing after the all the IM rubbish there is out there today.
    Like you I am an expat in Europe but for me its Italy not Spain.
    I wish i could say I was here through choice, but because I fell for a Scam (not IM) I lost everything and I am now stuck here with my dogs. As beautiful as Italy is I would rather be here by choice than necessity. So to answer your question “What does the REAL Internet Business Lifestyle mean to you” my answer is 3 fold.
    One is to become financially secure enough to choose where I want to be. Two, less critical but more important is to be able to do something I very much enjoy in a subject I am passionate about. Confucius said if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life. And finally of course is to earn enough to make my family’s future secure.
    Anyway, Dean after spending (wasting)money helping Marketers get these Big houses and Fancy cars I did eventually find two organisations (mentors) who have realy helped put my Business in to gear. I wont mention who they are but one of them mention your name, possitively I hasten to add, often.
    So there are some great people genuinely willing help aspiring Internet Entreprenours like me achieve our dreams what ever they are.
    By the way I asked the photographer not to publish that photo of me. LOL

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  • Make Money Online by Homebizseo

    I just want to make money online to max out retirement, pay for 2 vacation per year and pay for the gas each month.

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  • Perry

    Wat do I like about it?
    I get to:
    1) Be my own boss
    2) “Research” the net
    3) Work hard (or not)
    4) Cook dinner often
    5) Go to my son’s Lacrosse games (at 3:45pm)
    6) Charge more for my services
    7) Go to bed late
    8) Get up later
    9) Hang out with other internet entrepreneurs
    10) Travel
    11) Say No
    12) Have fun

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  • Tim

    To coin a word from the Mel Gibson movie… “BraveHeart”…


    Of course that represented much nobler causes than my simple request.. My mom and dad were great, the best parents ever. My mom used to say… “DON’T get a job… create”.

    I take that seriously and their unconventionality is perhaps genetic, perhaps learned, but something I strive for continually.

    The Internet has given me the ability to fail, and by failing, I’ve learned to get up. And when I get up, I’ve learned to try again and again knowing that if I learn when I fall, then I’ll be that much stronger and more knowledgeable the next time.

    Best though is the ability to meet and work with people around the world. I live in Tennessee, USA and have client (literally) on the other side of the planet, as well as in my home town. It has given me the opportunity (not the guarantee) of success and communication on a global scale.


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  • Rick Butts


    Yep, that’s it for me.

    The freedome to do what I feel is right without having to ask anyone’s permission.

    On my tombstone I want it to have the line from Apocolypse Now…

    “He just thought it up and did it – he didn’t ask anyone – he just thought it up and did it…”

    Rick Butts
    “In my humble, but accurate opinion”

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  • Suleman

    Freedom basically,
    that covers it all, like freedom of working from anywhere, working at anytime, and freedom from fear of getting fired. :)

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  • Is there a test to diagnose Alzheimers?

    Seems to me the objectives should be the same as in any other business :

    Work with whom you please as clients, suppliers and colleagues because you can afford to tell the obnoxious ones to f* off.

    Work when you please – which is most of the time because you enjoy your “work” at least as much as your other activities.

    Work where you please, to accommodate your other life objectives – e.g. my family prefers to avoid winters by migrating between the hemispheres.

    Don’t overlook that these benefits are available from any activity which can be de-localized via Internet communications. The world of Internet Marketing is a small subset of the total opportunity to restructure how we work to a more convenient and flexible format.

    Technology apart, the most important requirement is clear personal priorities and the resolve to live your life as if it were scarce and precious.

    Steve Henderson

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  • Pugsley – More Conversions

    Though I am only in the processing of achieving The internet Life Style, I have learned enough to be able to see it is achievable and how wonderful it will be once getting there.
    I think the biggest thing to me is the freedom, since you do not have to worry about money, it sets you free to do so many other things, spend time with family, help other that are not as fortunate as you are, travel when you want to and more.


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  • Frank Haywood

    Absolutely without a doubt, I love my internet business lifestyle for 3 main reasons (there are LOTS of little ones too).

    #1 – I can come and go as I please, family permitting.

    #2 – No-one tells me what to do – other than the wife and kids. I’m now permanently unemployable just for that one reason, and I get a little twinge of guilty pleasure when I see someone off for being a jerk.

    #3 – Realising I can do this from anywhere in the world, my wife and children have agreed that we will. So we’re selling up and going off on extended travel for a couple of years, final destination unknown.

    Looking back at those three reasons, I can see it’s really just the one. Freedom to be with my family.

    What could be better?

    -Frank Haywood

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