The Giving a Sh%t Experiment


Back when this blog was nought but a humble little online diary, I used to take great pride in answering every email, chatting with my readers, and helping those readers with their business.

Then things took off, and suddenly I was being pulled in a million directions, and alas, the one-to-one personal contact started to fizzle out.

So today, I am going to propose a wacky experiment that I am seriously considering doing…

GOAL: To send a 100% personal email to 100 random people from my email list.

We are in an age of automation, where we can hit one button and email tens of thousands of people in one go… but it loses that personal touch… so I am going to try and prove that caring and genuinely giving a sh%t is still a powerful technique.

Note: I won’t be trying to sell anything on these emails, I will instead be genuinely checking out their websites, giving some feedback, saying hi, connecting, and generally try my best to sound cool.

I will of course publish the feedback on here.

So what do you think? Terrible idea? Waste of time? Stroke of genius?

Leave your thoughts below


  • Gary Bloomer

    An inspired thought. This could be the beginning of a new way of connecting.
    .-= Gary Bloomer´s last blog ..A great video from the astonishingly talented Sue Frost, owner… =-.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Absolutely… I want to start re-connecting on a more personal level again.


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  • Joseph Ratliff


    Feel free to send an email, I would love to set up a chat with you about business or something else. :)
    .-= Joseph Ratliff´s last blog ..Links for 2010-04-13 [] =-.

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  • Andrew

    Truly said, using internet we spend hours to chat with a person sitting on the other corner of the world but have no time to talk with our neighbors, may be he need our help.

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  • kevin


    Always welcome to chat.

    Even if its only about Manchester United.

    just outside manchester

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  • Randy Smith

    lol – 100, I reckon that’ll take a bit of doing Dean…

    I answer around 10 personal emails a day asking for help or advice, and that really eats into the time I spend on promotion and new products.

    Still something I would never give up though – but 100… eeeekk!!

    .-= Randy Smith´s last blog ..Sharing A 4 Tier Philosophy, � It�s Vital =-.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Randy, absolutely, it would take an entire weekend at the very least.

    Kevin, many thanks… let’s do it. You watching the derby tomorrow?

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  • kevin

    Hi Dean,

    On a business partners all day birthday party, so I will catch what I can if I can, ending up in Rusholme for a curry night, as derby day, probably resemble last days of saigon with pitched battles.

    Tough Game tomorrow hopefully Rooney up for it, but Tevez is lethal at moment and berbaflop cannot get out of first gear.

    Nani hopefully will up his game again.

    Anyway always here to chat, about business and football, your things you did not know about dean was really good, and quite a lot like my childhood.

    Loved the quote about the world is your Oyster

    .-= kevin´s last blog ..Diary Event � Saddleworth Wartime Weekend =-.

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  • Jimvesting

    My activity in responding and communicating has been really volatile over time… it’s definitely something that people should focus more on because the relationships you build through your blog can be used as very powerful leverage in the future.
    .-= Jimvesting´s last blog Goes Nanners � What NOT to Do to Increase Traffic =-.

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  • Jezhug

    Awesome experiment Dean,

    I have added my “Your website sucks” badge in preparation!
    .-= Jezhug´s last blog ..Home =-.

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  • Shaqir Hussyin

    Very Cool,

    i gotta start doing something like this too,
    just started gettin into blogging and branding – i kinda lost touch with my peeps too,
    GOAL: Give out more content.
    off to send a broadcast now.

    Shaqir ;)

    See you at the event Dean ;)
    .-= Shaqir Hussyin´s last blog ..I deserve a �SMACK� for being Rich & Lazy =-.

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