The Empty Bottle Of Milk


Why do some people make life so complicated?

I was speaking to an owner of a forum the other day and I proposed a killer win/win idea. He loved the idea but wanted to do a conference call with his brother. Then he wanted a month to think about it.

It wasn’t like we were finding a cure for cancer, it was a simple decision and required no contracts, lawyers etc…

Why are some people unable to simply say “Yes” or “No”?

It reminds me of a story I head of an old man who kept an empty bottle of milk in his frigde, when asked why he kept an empty bottle, he replied: “In case anyone wants a black coffee.”

This is exactly how some business people operate. You ask them for the time and they tell you how to build a clock.

These same people are probably complaining that they have no spare time, and are overworked… the fact of the matter is that it takes them hours to do a simple task.

I am sure we all know someone who fits this criteria… my advice… avoid them at all costs! Your time should be more valuable than your money, so DON’T throw it all away.



PS: Bought a home cinema sound system today, but there is a small gap under our front door and the sound leaks to the main road. Any tips on basic sound proofing would be great.

  • Jason Grant

    In my experience most people do not have the slightest clue on how to make decisions on the simplest aspects of life, letalone business related matters.


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  • Diego


    Get some sort of carpet in the front door, whenever you use your system, push it against the gap. JUst aan idea, not that I know a lot about soundproofing.

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