The Cover Version Blog Challenge


I was driving home from the airport last week, and a song came on the radio called “Run – by Leona Lewis”. It sent shivers down my back, the hairs on my neck stood on end, and without sounding too soppy, it was a very powerful and emotional 3 mins.

Now, what on earth has this confession got to do with your website?

Here is the thing…

This song is actually a cover song, the original was done by a band called Snow Patrol, of whom I am a big fan.

Leona Lewis didn’t change any of the lyrics in her version, she just put her spin and her style into it, and essentially, she said the same message, but in her voice.

You can do the same on your blog, in fact, this is a way of instantly ending writer’s block.

All you do is look through your favourite blogs, find a post that you enjoy, then take that core message, and then say it in your voice, and in your style.

Try this on your blog this week, and then link to your efforts in the comments section. Who knows, you might even have a hit with it, just like Leona.

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  • Daniel Ted

    Great remake, I still prefer the original by Snow Patrol though.

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  • Julie Isaac

    Gorgeous song, and great idea. And what a great demonstration that everything in our life can lead to creativity and ideas if we’re open, willing to expand our point of view, and listen deeply.

    Thanks, Dean.

    Julie Isaac

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  • Dean Hunt


    I am a Snow Patrol fan, so I probably prefer it, however, and this is the key point, at that moment, in that mindset, the Leona version was perfect.

    By taking a core message and saying it in your own words, you not only cure writer’s block, you also can attract an entirely new audience.


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  • Dean Hunt


    That is correct, Barry and I study and create a lot of creative thinking techniques, and with these, everything around us is now inspiration.

    We like to joke that the world is our swipe file ;-)


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  • Ernesto Verdugo

    Indeed Dean this is a good Idea!
    Thanks for the tip

    Remember you still need to make it to Amsterdam


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  • David Maleney

    Inspirational song and hair.

    It make me want to buy a wind machine for my wife’s flowing locks ;-)

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  • Joanne

    Hey David

    A wind machine for your wife’s hair sounds lovely.

    She might like that low-cut dress to go with it.

    And a night with you in a foggy forest! Oh, now I have to go play the song again….

    – Joanne

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  • David Maleney

    Thanks for the tip, Joanne.

    The foggy forest trip went well, but she thought the low-cut dress didn’t suit me.

    Back to the padded cell…

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  • Steve Errey – The Confidence Guy

    A cracking song Dean, and while I’m a fan of Snow Patrol too I think this Leona version takes it to a whole new level.

    She’s easier on the eye too.

    Looking for ideas out there in the blogosphere is always a fantastic way to get writing, so in some flagrant linking, I noticed a few posts around asking for help and giving to others (very seasonal don’t you know) so I did a Leona on it. Check it out – Do You Have Enough Spirit to Give All Year?.


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  • Mark Harrison

    Amazing version and completely changed my opinion of Leona Lewis. I saw Snow Patrol support U2 at Manchester and they weren’t much cop even though I really like their stuff.
    Youre right about putting your spin on stuff though, if people personalise and become a little more creative then I wouldn’t have to read through so much crap on the net!

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