The Best Marketing Events


What are the best marketing events in the industry?

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I can only base this decision on the events that I have attended, and there are three that really stand out to me… this post, for the first time, will share those.

Disclaimer: If your event isn’t in this list, that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it… I only have room for a top 3 here, and these are solely based on my opinion.

Ok, so before we dive into the top 3 best marketing events, I want to stress one secret I have noticed: It is the person(s) behind the event that are the single biggest factor to a great or terrible event.

With that in mind… in no particular order, let’s dive into number THREE.

Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher’s Traffic and Conversion Summit

I am yet to hear a bad word about this event. It is more advanced than most marketing events, but if you want to take things to the next level and hear about exactly what is working in Ryan & Perry’s business, then this is the place to be.

I once saw a guy who went through 4 notepads of notes just from one day at this event.

NOTE: This event is next on in early 2013, I will be there, want to come and hang? Here is a link to check it out: Traffic and Conversion Summit Details

If you want to be sold opportunities or shiny objects, this is not the place for you… if you are just getting started, this is not the place for you… but for everyone else, this WILL transform your business.

James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula

I could write an entire series of blog posts just about this event.

James’ specialty is drilling down into the details and mapping them out so that others can replicate it.

He is one of a few promoters that puts a heavy emphasis on delivering a LOT of information with little to no pitching.

It isn’t easy to travel all the way to Australia, but I did it twice and it was worth every cent.

Heck, it even turned me from a 70 year old man into a 20-something guy…


And last but certainly not least…

Anything by Ryan Lee

This year I have only been to a few events, and the vast majority of them have been Ryan Lee events.

I spoke at the SAM event he did with Chris Farrell and Andrew Lock in April (my short and bizarre presentation is below):

I then spoke at his Dot Com Xpo later in the year, and it was equally incredible.

Here are a few reasons I love Ryan Lee events:

1) The dude is a funny son of a bitch.

Seriously, sitting through days of content isn’t always easy, especially for someone with my attention span. But Ryan’s wit and humor keep it fresh, edgy and entertaining.

2) He puts principles before profits.

The same applies to all people in this blog post, but Ryan is really pioneering the zero-pitch movement right now.

3) He chooses speakers based on quality, respect and friendship as opposed to how much money they can suck from the room.

Many of the early events I attended were the opposite of this, I saw event organizers who were scared of some of the crazy speakers they invited to pray on their audience.

So there we go… three of the best marketing events I have ever been to.

A special mention should go to Yanik Silver and his Underground events… they are incredible. I would have included them in the main list, but I haven’t been able to go for a few years.

Remember, you can change your business from just one event… heck, just one connection at one event… I have done it often… so come hang with me personally at Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher’s Traffic and Conversion Summit with this link…. and the drinks are on me.


  • Dean Hunt

    Have you been to any of these events? perhaps you have one you like even more? post here…

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  • Beau Blackwell

    Great list Dean! I haven’t been to James’s event, but T&C and Ryan’s events are my favorites as well.

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    • Dean Hunt

      Awesome. Are you going to Ryan’s in Jan?

      It was so great hanging with you at Dot Com Xpo. Let’s catchup soon.


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  • Barry

    See you in January Dean ;)

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    • Dean Hunt

      Fantastic. Lots to catchup on Barry.

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  • Blaine Moore

    Definitely a fan of Ryan Lee’s events. I first met him at a Ryan Deiss event and realized halfway through his presentation that I’d been a customer of his (for fitness products) for a couple years. I’ve been to all of Ryan’s east coast events since then (6 or 7 now? 8?) DotComXpo was certainly more than worth the price of admission.

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