The Amazing $15,000 Meal


I am going to share with you an incredible real-life story that happened to me earlier this year.

A good friend of mine called me and said: “Dean, can I take you to lunch?”

Never one to shy away from spending time with close friends, nor a fantastic meal for free…

I happily agreed.

However, as so often is the case, there was a catch. My friend wanted to pick my brain on ways to take his web business to the next level during the meal.

So the night before the meal I put aside 5 minutes to make a few notes, and before I knew it, 30 minutes later I had scribbled over 5 pages of notes.

I really got carried away…

My friend was blown away during the meal, and then I forgot all about it… that was until three months later when he called with the news that DIRECTLY from the info I gave him, he had made over $15,000 additional profit in under three months.

Here is what he had to say:

“Dean is what Malcolm Gladwell, in the Tipping Point, describes as a Maven. He knows an insane amount of useful information about internet marketing and takes a real joy in helping others with it.

I sat down to lunch with him a few months back, having asked him to take a look at our site in the language learning niche. I was expecting one or two tips but Dean pulled out 6 PAGES OF COMMENTS that went on to help us restructure our business, double our subscribers, and ultimately increase our income around 50% without having to do anything shady, black hat, or underhand.

I wanted to know how to provide more value for our customers, while getting our great content out to more people and increasing our bottom line. Dean helped us achieve that goal. The only complaint I have is that he gave us SO MANY IDEAS that, despite the significant changes we have seen so far, we still have quite a few to tick off the list 6 months later!”

I felt so proud of the fact that I could help change someone’s life, and I have been bitten by the bug ever since.

I think as far as ROI goes, the $100 investment for a $15,000 profit is pretty darn incredible.

In fact, if you take the $100 as the investment, he increased that investment a whopping 150 times in just three months.

Imagine putting $100 into a bank account and getting $15,000 three months later.

It would be the most popular bank on the planet!

So I am now, for the first time, going to invite you to your very own $15,000 meal. What’s more, this time, instead of you paying me for the meal, I WILL PAY FOR IT.

Oh, and instead of it being a small restaurant in a little town, it will be a luxurious restaurant in one of the most breath-taking places on the entire planet…. Dubai.

All you need to do is do what a proper business person would do, go get your tickets and book a flight right now.

Here is exactly what you will get from your investment:

* A ticket to Dubai for the Unlimited Power Online Seminar

* Learn the secrets from expert guest speakers such as Joel Comm, John Carlton, Mike Filsaime, Me, Barry Dunlop & loads more…. (yes, this is a MAJOR event, one of the biggest of 2008)

* Come out of your comfort zone – if there is one piece of advice that all successful business people agree on, it is “nothing worth doing is done from within your comfort zone”. More on this in a moment.

* Have a life changing experience – If I could promise you a life changing experience right now, something to tell friends and family until your dying day, how much would you invest?

For me, there is no amount of money that I could value it at.

Life is not how many breaths you take, it is the amount of times you have your breath taken away.

I used to think it was allabout fancy cars, big TVs, huge houses with swimming pools… until I got all that, and realised it meant nothing. It is my experiences that define me, make me happy, and fill me with great memories.

* Vastly improve your business for years to come – times are hard. But history proves that those businesses that cut back and go defensive, are the first that will crumble.

* Join Barry and I personally, for an amazing meal and evening of fun, great conversation, oh, and we will personally give you a consultation… face-to-face (we would normally charge tens of thousands for this).

* HUGE networking opportunities. Sure, you can play with Twitter and mess around on forums and pretend you are networking, or you can join the big boys and hang out with the elite. After all, what % of the losers who post on the forums would have the balls to do this?

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone (Loser Zone) and Change Your Life

I will be honest, I often make this mistake as well. The vast majority of us are brought into this world with a poor person mentality. I am as guilty as anyone.

When I first got the opportunity to hang with the top marketers at a major event, my bullshit-ometer kicked in and I started making excuses.

I can’t afford it, it is not my sort of thing, it sounds very American, I am really busy with other stuff, money is tight right now, the flights are probably really expensive, I don’t know anyone there….

The bullshit just kept on flowing, like verbal diarrhoea, and what’s more, they seemed like genuine reasons at the time.

It was Barry, a guy with a winner and kick ass, mega-rich mentality that literally drag me kicking and screaming into the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.

So I am going to do the same for you, in fact, I challenge you… leave a comment with your reasons for not coming, and if they are 100% legit, I will send you a free copy of my upcoming book.

If however, you know a once in a lifetime opportunity when you see it, sign up right now at: Seminar Details

Oh, and by the way, Barry and I don’t make a cent from this. Well, we make a small amount from the affiliate sign up, but it won’t even cover a fraction of your meal tab. We will actually LOSE money for each person that signs up.

Seriously, that is how passionate we are about this, you should too.

No bullshit, no excuses, no poor man’s mentality.

My friend left his comfort zone, and now has more than doubled his business already, and he hasn’t even implemented half of the ideas I gave him.

See you there.


PS: When you signup via this link: signup here please email me and let me know how you like your steak cooked, your favourite drink, and your website URL.

PPS: Have you started making excuses yet?


  • Paul

    So whats the deal with the affiliate link?

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  • Dean Hunt


    I addressed that in the post.

    Here it is in case you missed it:

    “Oh, and by the way, Barry and I don’t make a cent from this. Well, we make a small amount from the affiliate sign up, but it won’t even cover a fraction of your meal tab. We will actually LOSE money for each person that signs up.”

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  • tyler

    I have a reason that’s definitely legit.

    My bank account has only 1000bucks and i dont have a job. still studying actually.

    so if i invested everything in my bank account for this, how am i going to pay for flight? and food?
    and some killer rabbits?XD

    so i suppose i’ll be gettin your upcoming book?


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  • Dean Hunt


    A real entrepreneur would find a way of raising the money in the meantime.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to push you into doing something you didn’t want to do, but it is not a legit reason.


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  • Chris

    I am still interested Dean. I have to confess that I started making excuses, as you predicted, but that is probably why I am not successful yet.


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  • Tim

    I’ve been all through the middle east, and Dubai and it truly is the gem. Sometimes in life you have to pony up the cost (might be something other than money) and just “get er done” (thank you Larry The Cable Guy).

    One of my greatest experiences, definetely out of my comfort zone was crossing the ocean in a smaller boat (about 65′). The man who invited me was a magician “John Calvert” and he said… if you happen to be in the Grand Canaries in September, you can make the crossing with me.

    Well somehow, someway I made it to the canary islands and had the adventure of a lifetime, almost met my future wife (but that’s another story).

    If you have a chance to make this event… DO IT… beg, borrow (don’t steal), but go with an open mind and ready to mingle with some folks who might change the rest of your life.

    And also remember, they are simply people just like you, maybe with more buzz, more money, but my mere association, this could be the “yellow brick road”.

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  • Alok

    Well. For a determined person there can’t be any legitimate reason since he can find out the way to attend it somehow. But what about the persons like us who have tasted the online success albeit in a very minuscale manner and are in dilemma to pursue the online marketing in a full-fledged manner or not.


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  • Dare

    S*** he’s in the language learning niche? I wanna talk to him. How can I get in touch?

    P.S. Dean, if you even plan to come here to South Europe for a visit I would love to come for a meal ;)

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  • Ahmed

    I might be in Dubai on my way to the West Bank but thing is Im already saving up for a business venture Im finally convinced in pursuing…If I could get the extra money before this is sold out it would be something Im will seriously invest in.

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  • Craig Dewe

    I’ve recently been watching some DVDs of Frank Kern at his seminar. A few examples came up of people who were using his knowledge but their website or launch just weren’t making enough sales.

    These people were lucky enough to have Frank look over their stuff and he instantly picked out glaring mistakes that were holding back the money flood gates.

    This is the power of having someone with keen marketing insight look over your work. The type of keen marketing insight you’d receive from Dean and Barry.

    I know the advice I’ve received from Dean has and will continue to make me money. My advice, make the most of this opportunity while it’s there.

    And Alok… what’s the dilemma exactly? You either want to be an online marketer or you don’t. If you do, shouldn’t you pursue it with all your effort? Sounds like you don’t want to leave your comfort zone my friend :)

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  • Alok

    Well. I want to pursue it full-time but as you said “It is coming out of the comfort zone.” The fear of Failure. What if the riches promised doesn’t become truth. It really takes some guts to leave the comfort zone and take a jump.

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  • Martin Deves

    I will like to know mucth about this cause have tried so many times to write a story on the web but it doesn’t go trueth with me could you plz alight me on that,
    The story is an exclusive story is an experiance to we who sometime’s do some seting mistake’s.

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  • Craig Dewe


    “Failure is just a test result”

    The riches will always come true as long as you keep going after them. You try something (really try something… not for 5 seconds) and if it doesn’t work, you change your approach until it does.

    And there’s a reason it takes guts… it wouldn’t be fun if becoming “rich” was easy. I’ve never gotten excited by being able to breathe… because everyone else can do it too. Life gets fun when you do the things no one else dares to do.

    Remember, even Dean struggled away online for about 2 years before he finally hit the big time (the post of that story is around here somewhere?). How committed are you to success?

    I wish you luck in your decision and your future,

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  • Alok

    Your words seems to have a magical effect. I am not sure if I am going to get a sleep tonight. I have taken a decision and now I am thinking how to move forward ( I won’t be able to attend the conference since I don’t have a passport yet but I would definitely like to know more about IMing). Anybody up here ready to hold my hands for some time. I promise I will be a good student.

    Btw thanks once again for the jabardast life changing words.


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  • Craig Dewe


    Good to hear, you’ve made a good decision.

    Get started by taking the advice of guys like Dean… and actually doing something with it (the step a lot of people forget). Learn stuff, try it out, if it works keep doing it… if not, learn something else.

    Good luck with your journey,

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  • Alok

    Dear Craig,
    I don’t feel comfortable with the affiliate marketing yet since it seems like everyone here just wants to sell and upsell some stuff. For the time being I am going with adsense and let us see how it turns out.


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