Teacher Knows Best


When I was at school I had a bit of a problem with authority. I think this is something I got from my dad whom, to this day has never worked for anyone other than himself.

I challenged a lot of what the teachers told me, I dont know why I did it, but two specific instances come to mind.

I was approx seven years old when we were all sat in a circle whilst a teacher told us about vowels. She removed a five pound note from her pocket and passed it to the first person in the circle and said that he could keep the five pounds if he could tell her a word that DOESN’T contain a vowel. He couldn’t think of any and neither could anyone else in the circle. The teacher was clearly trying to make her point that there are no words in the english language that do not contain vowels. When the five pound note came to me I stood up and said the word “Rhythm” and then put the fiver in my pocket ;)

Bear in mind that at the start of this lesson we had to learn all of the vowels, and in fact, they were still in big letters on the blackboard as A E I O U.

So the teacher said that the letter Y is a type of vowel to some people and therefore my answer was incorrect and I had to give her the money back.

I can’t remember the exact exchange of words, but I do recall saying something like “You said a word with no vowels, not a word with no kind of vowels”. I also pointed to the blackboard that still had the five vowels on it as proof.

I have since been told that Y is sometimes known as a “semi-vowel”, other people call it an “honorary vowel”, but to be honest it had nothing to do with the five pounds, it was purely a principle thing.

A second example was in college and a teacher was telling us that it was illegal to put an advert in the paper for a job where you discriminated against certain types or people. He went on to say that it would be illegal to ask for only white people, or only short people, he also said that you could not say things like “attractive and young females only”.

I can’t remember the exact details of our argument, but I seem to remember saying something like “What if you run a strip club?”

The teacher thought I was just winding him up, but I genuinely wanted to question it because it made no sense to me.

Anyway, I have never quite understood why I was/probably still am like that, but then I came across something this afternoon that really stuck a chord with me.

I don’t think I need to give a backstory, the image is self explanatory: IMAGE OF SCHOOL NOTE

I am sure that I could write some clever morale/point to this article, but to be honest I posted it because I found it amusing.

To the lad from the letter all I can say is “Good on him!” ;)


  • http://www.michal.eu Michal

    That’s the way to go :)

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  • http://romrix.spaces.live.com Neil

    I had a teacher in high school state that you could not use the word “is” after the word “I”. Example; “I am a Fireman.” not “I is a Fireman.”
    I told her I could. She said, “I don’t think so.”
    I said, “I is a pronoun.”
    She conceded.

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  • Ken

    The letter you posted triggered a memory. During my ethics and law class we were discussing defamation and lawsuits. And one kid in class asked the question, what if the defamation is true? The attorney in class replied, “Good question. Here in the states that is not considered defamation; however, not everyone thinks like Americans.” I wonder if that correlation would hold true when it comes to teachers.

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