Taking A Break



With a trip to the eye doctors looming, I have decided to take a break from the PC. This means that I am delaying my viral campaign slightly.


Despite not using the pc as much, I have now switched to watching too much tv. But it has been bloody good tv!

On Friday I saw season three episode one of LOST. Then I watched some of the Hells Kitchen USA and I am now about to watch The Jonatahan Ross show from Friday night.


I have been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsays tv programmes of late. I have to say that the guy is bloody inspiring… so much so that I now want to learn to become a fxxking good cook.

So instead of eating frozen food last night, myself and the missus got a recipe for chicken in cream of white wine sauce with rosti potatoes.

We made a few errors, but overall it was superb!

We move into our new house in five weeks, and at this rate I will be spending a lot more time in the kitchen than I had planned on doing.

I will post again tomorrow and let you know what the eye doctor said.