Success is where the FEAR is


I don’t usually do motivational presentations or advice, but this short presentation from Salt Lake City’s SAM event was the first time I have revealed a lot of deep and personal stories and examples.

It also contains Spongebob Squarepants.

Enjoy and share:

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  • Dean Hunt

    I hope you enjoyed this one. I have had great feedback.

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  • Kevin Wiley

    Thanks Dean, I got a lot out of the video. When you started talking about doing/not doing webinars I thought you were talking directly to me. Guess whats on my list for this week.

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  • Steve

    If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Brilliantly simple advice that so many people either don’t realize or are afraid of. Great presentation!

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    • Anonymous

      Thanks Steve… you are very kind. :)

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  • Tara Husband

    DEAN! You are so funny. Love your quotes and stories. It was inspiring and entertaining.

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    • Dean Hunt

      You had me at funny, inspiring and entertaining. haha.

      You rock… thanks for the kind words.

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  • chris verrone

    Dean, Agree fully that “go where the fear is” that this is were the gold is (which I learned from you at SAM). Again appreciate you illuminating this crucial piece of information.
    Chris Verrone

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  • Guest

    Hi Dean, found your email in my junk box, led to this blog. Haven’t been here in a long time because I’ve been

    learning sales. Our trainer told us a story 3 years ago based on “You
    don’t get if you don’t ask” and about riding the edge. When I go back to
    my comfort zone, somehow it doesn’t feel right anymore ;)

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    Hi Dean, Thank you for this video, just what I needed today, you are the best, have a blessed day and keep up the good work.

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  • Chaim K

    Dean years ago i heard a podcast from you about 4 wheels of business marketing. Do you know where i can find that podcast or that info, i just rememeber that it was very valuble information.

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