Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously


I recently have been taking myself waaay too seriously in life and business… this is a deadly mistake for business owners, I explain this below in this short video.

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  • chris

    Love the post Dean as usual. Not sure I understand though…so you are retiring from speaking? But you are going to travel more to speak at events? Not sure I understand. At any rate I do agree that taking your shit too serious is a bad move in the long run. But certain times do call for you to play that game. Thanks again. Hit me when you are in NYC.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Hi Chris,

    To clarify… I did some speaking, then retired from it… then realised I was being a dumb-ass, so am now ready to rock it again. If I can travel the world and speak, without it affecting the quality of my day-to-day business, then I am all for it.


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  • Zed

    Hey Dean its nice of you to remind us of this. I got into IM 6 months ago and the learning curve has been huge. I remember in the beginning i was all hyped and enthusiastic but then that subsided into ripping my hair out ..thankly im now in relaxed karma mode lol.

    The one thing i will say is that pretty much most of the events i’ve been to (in the uk) are pure pitchathons but promoted as ‘Seminars’ ..this is really misleading and im pretty fed up with it. dont get me wrong you make some really good contacts but it does your nut in after a while …just my two bit.

    Anyways best of luck with your speaking gigs

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  • Dean Hunt



    There are ways to leverage them still… I talk about public speaking in detail here:

    Speak soon buddy.


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  • David Miles

    Public speaking is fun when you get the hang of it : )

    did you get that cool (weird) head set for this video ? (because i don’t know how Seriously people can take what you say with them ! )

    You the man Dean !

    As a speaker you have to know how to keep your listeners engaged in what you have to say….
    I hate those boring speakers that just keep on blabbing… and for some reason think that they are not truly worthy to being on stage and speaking to you… They even tell ppl that they are bad.. (and believe it to) they look down most of the time because they are afread to look at the ppl who fall asleep while they talk… they mostly stick to some badly made slide show they came up with 2 hours b4 they have get up and talk …. (event if you have good slides you still need to know how to talk)

    with regrading to ppl who are good at public speaking with in the IM market:

    Gary Vaynerchuk
    Frank Kern
    Ryan Deiss

    just to name a few off the top of my head.

    Who is your favorite public speaker ?
    .-= David Miles´s last blog ..Beware Israel Bans the iPad over Wi-Fi concerns =-.

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  • Dean Hunt


    I totally agree…

    That said, I dont think great speakers are just born, so most people will have to go through the stages you mentioned above.

    I like Gary, Frank and Ryan also.. Seth is also pretty darn good.


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  • Norman Kennedy

    Hi,Its,Norman you are a natural guy with a great personality people love just being you” so just keeep being yourself dont change,Your a great person that is all i can say best regards,Norman Kennedy.
    .-= Norman Kennedy´s last blog ..Top Internet Marketers coming to Sydney in September. =-.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Thanks for the kind words amigo.

    Speak soon.


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    Hey Dean Great Video. I enjoyed hearing you speek at bill Glazzers summit this past January. I thought you gave a lot of content and i left with ideas that i could make money with.

    Keep up the great Work.

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  • Casey Stevens

    Nearly choked on my toast. It’s a bit early in the morning to be told to get over yourself Casey :-)

    Great advice.

    I hate it when speakers try and be funny. Or throw in some swear words because they’re trying to be cool. Some people are naturally funny, or swear and can get away with it. But don’t just say the f-word cos Frank Kern does, you’ll just end up looking like a tool.
    .-= Casey Stevens´s last blog ..7 Ways You Can Be The Justin Bieber Of Your Market =-.

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  • Carla Marie

    Exactly! serious speakers are boooring…They need to be engaging, interactive and well fun.

    “One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important” – Bertrand Russel

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  • Cathy Fletcher

    Now, Dean, remember to bring a pocketful of those really big coloured elastics to your speaking engagements. Especially for that one jet-lagged person that didn’t drink enough coffee. You could threaten to ping them and then the people on either side would elbow them awake.

    The rest of the elastics are for prizes :)

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  • Kyle Tully

    Yeah, your problem is you’re always too serious.

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  • Dean Hunt


    haha, I know, I know… bearing in mind I made 194 sexual innuendos in Sydney, this may be a little shocking. ;-)

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  • Dean Hunt

    @Corey – Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it.

    @Casey – I agree. Copying other people means at BEST, you will be a poor copy of someone else.

    @Carla – absolutely, I always try and Enter-train where possible.

    @Cathy – you could be onto something there ;-)

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  • Lucy Johnson

    Great timing!

    I just got asked to speak at an event this weekend ( only by default due to the big old ash cloud drama stopping the ‘real’ speakers coming from US) and almost said no because I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to make it AWESOME.

    Thanks to your video Ive just said yes and thrown together a rockin’ presentation in 27 minutes flat.

    Lovin your work.

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  • Dean Hunt


    That is awesome!

    I put together the bones of my presentation on a 4-minute train journey yesterday, using iphone notes. ;-)

    Gonna practice it twice via webinar, then the rest will just have to rely on my terrible jokes ;-)

    I just checked out your rockstar fitness marketing site BTW, very cool… let’s connect properly… & my email addy is contact@ (NAME OF THIS BLOG)


    PS: let me know how your talk goes, I am sure it will kick some butt.

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  • John Paul Aguiar

    I agree,, relax and have fun. There is a time and place to be serious and there is def time to be silly and just have fun.

    Blogging is not brain surgery,,lol so people need to calm down and have some fun with it
    .-= John Paul Aguiar´s last blog ..My Crazy Simple 7 Step Plan To Promote A New Post =-.

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  • kevin

    Hi Dean,

    Great Video,

    Great Win for united at weekend.City fans around here not happy about us winning in Fergie Time.(Again)

    Just wondering when blistering success starting up again, really enjoyed the interviews and posts. You and Ciaran worked well together.


    Just Outside Manchester
    .-= kevin´s last blog ..Village Hotel Ashton Under Lyne =-.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Thanks bud.

    A great win for United indeed… it is back on now (kinda).

    Ref Blistering Success… I am going to be seeing Ciaran in London this weekend… so we will surely discuss it.

    It’s a lot of fun.


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  • Nervous Exhaustion Symptoms

    Great to read this kind of post and comments spreading their thoughts, take a little time to laugh out and don’t take too seriously when it doesn’t have to be.
    .-= Nervous Exhaustion Symptoms´s last blog ..Drink, Drugs, Depression the underbelly of being a young celebrity- Nervous Exhaustion Symptoms =-.

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  • Sally Neill

    Hey Dean, I too like Frank Kern, I just enjoy watching him and find him funny which keeps my attention.

    But my absolute FAV is Tony Robbins, he seems to inspire so many people.

    Sally :)
    .-= Sally Neill´s last blog ..Are You Sick Of Free Reports? =-.

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  • Brandon

    Hey Charlie(French for Dean),

    I do agree you shouldn’t take yourself to seriously, but you need to prove it. I noticed your bland wall behind you. I think it needs a poster of your fave boy band (yes the Jonas Brothers) up there behind your desk. That would be a great start to prove yourself and is just insane enough to show a big boost in your comments though they might be aimed at jeering at you all in good fun.

    Speaking tips?

    Speak like your talking to your best friend trying to help him, be genuine, and don’t be tied to your notes. Be extemporaneous and you will rock it.

    I would love to book you for an upcoming party to speak, but I am really looking for a midget to jump out of a cupcake. It will be great!


    .-= Brandon´s last blog ..Social Media Domination Test #1 =-.

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  • Andrew@BloggingGuide

    We really cannot please everybody so we just have to please ourselves. It is great that you decided to take on the opportunity. You’ll never regret it. There’s much that can be learned form traveling. And of course, most importantly, you have lots to share to the world. So share it!
    .-= Andrew@BloggingGuide´s last blog ..Blogging Guide: Increase Your Traffic and Google Crawl Rate =-.

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  • Miriam Ortiz y Pino

    Welcome to authenticity!


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  • Witto

    Dear Mr Hunt,

    I’m with you on the not serious thing, seriously.

    Fab blog… you now have 6 billion and one readers. (Have you room for us all?)


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  • Murlu

    Agreed Dean

    It may just be my opinion being young but I appreciate a company that can joke around and not take themselves seriously all the time.

    Just little things that are quirky helps show the personality of the company instead of stock photos and dry web copy.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..Minimal Lifestyle For The Online Entrepreneur =-.

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  • 52tube

    To clarify… I did some speaking, then retired from it… then realised I was being a dumb-ass, so am now ready to rock it again. If I can travel the world and speak, without it affecting the quality of my day-to-day business, then I am all for it.

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  • arsizvideo

    I’m with you on the not serious thing, seriously.

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