Simplify Everything & Guy Meets a Girl


I often see people who are trying to make something seem more complex than it needs to be.

Listen here fellow earthling.. complex doesn’t make it more cleverer (irony intended).. if you have a goal and want to achieve it, try simplifying it to the absolute basics.

Here is a weird, but perfect example:

  • Bruno Babic

    Wow! Dean, thanks a lot for making my day with this awesome post that so much resonates with me in the context of fulfilling my luxury playboy lifestyle dream reinforced with some powerful personal growth tips similar to the one from your post.

    And, the tip that’s has literally transformed and changed my life is all about doing a simple exercise of emptying your mind for a few minutes everytime you’re about to enter a new situation or a new experience like the one from your super cool video where the guy meets the girl. And, you have actually nailed it in your video when it comes to implementing this tip.

    What this does is quite simply it help us completely focus on effectively performing the task that’s ahead of without getting distracted with any negative thoughts on any experiences from the past or any worries, and things like that.

    In short, it helps us to naturally and effectively respond to and focus on the things in this moment or right now to the best of our abilities.

    Thank you.


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  • Anonymous

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  • Venter

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