Should Entrepreneurs Play Video Games?


Is there any connection between entrepreneurs and video gaming? Are entrepreneurs too busy and focused to play video games? Or is it the break from the norm required to re-fuel their creative juices?

Here is the thing, I was reading the ‘4 hour work week‘ by Tim Ferriss approx six months ago, and he was discussing all the amazing things he does for hobbies and fun… everything from dancing the Tango, to kick boxing, and then he made a comment, and I must stress that I can’t remember the exact quote, but it was along the lines of how video gaming is a huge waste of time, and that he never does it.

Now, I recall feeling a little bad about this, as I personally love to play video games, I have done since I was three, and I probably play a few hours per week on average.

To make matters worse, I then went to a few of my regular ‘Millionaire Mastermind Group’ meetings, and nobody has mentioned video games there yet either… They mention adventures in aeroplanes, trips across Mexico, bike rides in India (which I may be doing), and car related subjects… but never video games.

For an industry that is BIGGER than the movie industry, why on earth are none of these people playing video games? And should I try and quit?

So it got me thinking… is there any connection between people who play video games, and people who are successful entrepreneurs/business men?

I have been speaking to some additional contacts and friends… and I believe there is some connection. From what I have seen, there are two types of entrepreneur:

1) The passionate, go getter, ruthless, live life to the full type …. you know the one I mean. The guy who lives and breaths business, who always seems to be busy.

2) The creative and artistic type…. this type is often quieter, less socially aware, but a huge thinker, and has a real creative spark.

I noticed that all of my contacts who are in the latter category play video games, and all of my contacts in the first category despise them. Which, by no means is a scientific study… but personally I think it is interesting.

So why is this?

Speaking as someone who is more in the creative camp, I find that video games can take you into a new world, they can expand your mind and open up new possibilities, and they can be a break from the norm, almost a reset button for the mind. For a creative person, this element of fantasy is sure to inspire and entertain.

Whereas a go getter, an Alpha business type (like my father), would see it as a pointless waste of time. After all, what is the point of putting so much time and effort into something that gives no fees able benefits or rewards.?

So my questions for you all are:

1) Do you consider yourself in the Alpha group or the Creative group in life?

2) Do you play video games?

3) Do you think there is any connection here at all?


PS: I got GTA 4 recently, if anyone wants a game on the Xbox360, let me know ;-)

  • RyanAJarrett

    Dean, thats a really interesting point. I like computer games and used to play them a lot when I was younger. The thing is, I don’t consider myself to be in either category, more in between. Do you think this distinction is a polarized as you’ve described?

    I find computer games to be a great way to relax, as well shaking up your brain and forcing it to think a different way. I’ve got a Wii and PS2, plus I play the occassional PC game (I still love Civilization 2!) and I don’t play them as often as I like, but I find that nowadays I don’t have time to do anything as much as I’d like to, especially working on my site and writing articles/entries.

    It will be interesting to see if the non-gamers attitudes will shift now that games are becoming more mainstream and more acceptable as mainstream entertainment. As you said, the industry is booming and overtaking movies as the highest-valued entertainment sector, so maybe these business-minded people are missing a trick and should be looking in that direction for an opportunity.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Yes, I have polarized the two categories.. but not as much as you may think.

    For a start, a lot of my contacts are 7+ figure earners, so are extreme in many ways.


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  • Andrew

    Hi Dean, you raise an interesting point! Ironically enough, I actually have this discussion with my friends all the time when they ask me if I recently played the latest game on the market. However, my response to them is always disappointing in that I have not played video games since the first Nintendo era and my reasoning is that I am affraid that I will love the games so much that I will get completely sucked in like many other people have. My time is simply too valuable to be spent playing video games, and to be honest I would rather spend that time working on fun projects that will lead to more income. I’m sure that these games are great but like I said I don’t want to become an addict.

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  • JP Moses

    I think it’s a mistake to put any non-deviant passtime off as a “waste of time”.

    For starters, anything done in excess is a waste of time. Too much TV, too many video games, or too much talk about business and money.

    But I think whether its video games, movies, reading books, studying business models or trying to reverse engineer product launches — any of these can be valuable, fun and creatively energizing passtimes, worth pursuing in healthly quantities.

    I’m like RyanAJarrett in that I love video games, but find that I basically don’t have the time for them. But as I draw nearer to my own version of the “4 hour workweek” I believe I’ll be integrating more gaming back into my life, and will consider it valuable shared-activity time with my daughter (who’s now 6).

    Great post, Dean!


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  • Dean Hunt


    That is exactly why I wanted to write this piece. I have had a similar response when I mention certain games…

    And for the record, you have a point.

    But surely we all need to switch off from time to time?

    Do you watch TV? aimlessly surf the Internet? etc…

    I know for me personally it helps relax me… whereas TV doesn’t. I suppose it also stimulates my head more than TV as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying that video games make you smarter… although there is research out there that suggests it does… I am just curious to hear other sides of this.

    Many thanks,


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  • Dean Hunt

    JP – Great points.

    Couldn’t agree more.

    For the record, I am not trying to find a right answer here, I am not sure one exists. Instead, I am raising the points of whether entrepreneurs should be avoiding video games? And whether certain types of entrepreneurs and video gaming go hand in hand?


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  • big jason

    I’m torn. I love video games but end up playing them too much. But I always get bored with them too. Maybe the fact that I always go for the cheat codes right away leads to this.

    they do relieve a good amount of stress.

    For the last few years, I haven’t played them much. I relax now by going to the movies or just playing with my bunny rabbit.

    big jason

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  • Teresa Caldwell

    I thinking playing games is actually a very important
    All work and no play makes us a dull person. One of the biggest entrepreneurs that I know. Joel Comm made a lot of money because of his love of gameing

    Never feel guilty about what works for you……
    Everyone is different. Actually I cannot work in a clean environment, if I don’t have clutter around me, I will make clutter, I feel more comfy in a mess, Hey it works for me. My kids ask me why I don’t get organized, or clean house. I find that is not me, and if I try to change for someone I get frustrated and unhappy. I am also a procrastinator and I actually work best at the last minute. I can never plan anything very far in advance, last minute is my adrenaline rush. So whatever works for you that is what you must do.

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  • Dean Hunt


    I know Joel personally and professionally, so I will add him to my list of entrepreneurs who like gaming ;-)

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  • Rui, just plays good games


    When i was younger i used to play video games, and i enjoyed so much that i had to stop playing them. Recently i joined a business where where the product is a mix between video games and social networks, so i restarted playing them, mixing entrepeneurship and fun. I also do not identify totaly with none of these two types. I am a mix beetween the two. I don´t think that there is a conection at all, since both types, enjoy games.

    Rui Martinho

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  • Corey

    I am so glad to see this post! I am a closet computer game player and know that 1) it allows my brain to float freely in creative practice; 2) I actually do feel like it’s training my neural pathways to think in strategic ways that don’t come naturally to me.

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  • Harry

    I guess I’m in the alpha group, but mainly because I have become so damn busy. Back in the early days, I played a lot of games. Now my business is doing so well, I don’t have time to do that when I need whatever time I can find for family and reading blogs and articles looking for ideas and inspiration.

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  • grnidone

    You need another group: the group who wants to play video games, but for whom the movement of the screen makes them nauseated.

    I really did enjoy the old “non movement” Myst, though.

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  • Cycle India

    Hi Dean

    I never bother with video games (not since having a Spectrum computer) – they are a waste of time to me.

    But cycling across India for charity sounds like fun:-)


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  • Diane

    I personally think that Sonic the Hedgehog, the original on the Game Gear was my own prerequisite for success. If you actually think about a computer game in ways that you take steps to reach each level, repeat certain tasks, unlock the keys to bonus chambers and don’t give up until you have mastered the game, then I think that pretty much maps out the route to success in life. ( You can’t be called a Master by using a cheat sheet though.)
    I’m in between the two, but slightly more inclined towards the second group, probably a live life to full creatively type kind of gal.

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  • Dustin

    Not to dumb down the conversation but…

    I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. (GTA IV is the mac daddy)

    And yes, I waste time on them at times I shouldn’t. I’m human. Humans are self destructive at times, just look at global warming.

    Productivity is a choice. When I choose to be productive, I make a hell of a lot more money.

    There were a lot of “I’s” in that comment.

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  • David Maleney

    Never mind video games.
    Anyone up for a game of Tiddlywinks? :-)

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  • Eric

    I am from the creative school but I gave up on the games when Space Invaders was still sucking down the quarters. They are a bit fancier now but most of it still seems to be about blowing things away before they can sit on your face.

    Guess I am a type A creative, I would rather do crayon drawings or watch old Bugs Bunny cartoons with my daughter.

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  • Nick The Geek

    Funny …

    Before I went full-time I used to love playing games, but for some reason during the next 5 years I just never seemed to have the time to, so I just forgot about them.

    Then about 6 months ago I suddenly realized that I had almost zero downtime and immediately decided to do something about it, bought a PS3 and now I schedule in at least 2 hours a day on it.

    Best business decision I’ve made in years.

    Now all I have to do is convince my accountant it and the games are tax-deductible ;)

    Speaking of which, I’m off for another bout of Metal Gear Online.

    @Dustin, you’re not wrong about GTA IV – one word = WOW!


    Nick :)

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  • Ryan

    wow…great points…I don’t play as much as I used to…actually I only play when I go over one of my buddies houses…which isn’t very much…but in reality playing video games is no different from going on vacation to take your mind off work for a while…

    if plans are set that I am only going to play for a couple of hours or it is in the schedule…then it will work…you can always do the pain/reward thing… like if I get this done then I will play some games…if I don’t then I will not play…it is no different from playing in a softball beer league or something.

    again great post

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  • Affiliate Marketing Guide

    I’m most certainly in the creative group. I play video games so I really think that there is a connection between people’s preferences and the way that they function.

    Great post!

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  • Jase

    I love video games but my business intrests involve computers, websites and video gaming graphics, I find that a forums site about video games tends to attract more people and that including an arcade with advertising can add to profits.

    P.S. I’m doing studying on different frums and about to put a good one together on my free site, maybe it will grow(at least to the point that i can get a url redirect to it).

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  • Paolo

    I played on my Gameboy throughout school, and now use a laptop & blackberry every day…

    The patterns we learn as kids, “naturalise” us for later life. I think this is scariererer.

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  • Web Profit Tactics

    Interesting observation Dean.

    Definitely type B here and yep… a gamer.

    Any day you want to get your ass kicked via cod4 just say the word. Bp

    - Dave

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  • Carla

    Are you kidding? Video games are the bomb, life would be desolate without them!

    I’m thinking I fall in the first group, always live life to the fullest, interact with people ‘cos that’s how i always get my ideas, see how other people think, work from a line or a joke or even a dramatic story.

    And ive been playing video games since Nintendo, and you had to stick a coin in the like control slot to cheat st Star Wars, and of course Contra 100 lives Up, Up, Down, DOwn, A, B, Select, Select, Start.

    I don’t have an Xbox though, PS2 only but Resident Evil still rocks!

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  • Jorgefelix

    Amazing Point there.

    I would say that we can be successful at anything that we are passionate at. There are so many people that have made multi-millions in the gaming industry. The gaming industry is also a great playing field for the fun and visonary entrepreneur. So if you like to play games then try to find to play games and make money. If you don’t want to make money playing games but just want to pursue it as a hobbie then there are many articles out there that explain how partaking in a video game promotes neurogenesis. Just like learning how to fly or play a guitar, and extra neurons are always helpful :-)

    Just remember that anything in excess is bad. For those people that just talk about business all the time, there are also people that just talk about the gaming business all the time and how they are going to make money in it. It just seems that your contacts are more in different industries. It all just boils down to what you want to do with your life, the pages of our history are blank and we have the opportunity to write a new page in our life’s story every single day.

    What will you write today?

    Will you write:
    I played games all day.
    or I played games, and worked out.
    or I worked, then worked out, then played games.
    or I finally played enough games that I have a new million dollar idea.
    or……u name it buds….its w/e u want!!!

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  • Jeff Ito

    I was a huge gamer all the way until college. Then I focused on getting my Engineering degree. Now I am an entrepreneur and just focus on self-improvement and making money.

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