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A University in America is now doing a course in SEO studies.

I have to admit that I have been expecting this for a while, and I think that it could be a good idea IF done correctly. But seeing as one of the major topics you will be learning about is submitting to search engines, I do worry that the teachers may be clueless.

If you are wondering why I say this, then you MUST read this article about submitting your site to the search engines.

The article is very direct and to the point, but there is some good advice in there as well.


  • Jesse-Lee Stringer

    LoL, by the time those juniors get outta uni it will be a whole new playing field.

    Although I admit I would prefer to enter some ‘recognised’ training I can’t see it happening in Australia any time soon.


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  • Diego

    LOL, a bit too agressive for me… (guilty as charge, I’ve submitted sites via the form to google)…

    but I did get the point, so I guess is a good article…

    And about the universities, sometimes these kind of “vanguard” (call it whatever) courses are just an attempt to start having a class that teaches XXXXXX. They improve with time… but I bet you are right… they do start clueless most of the time…

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  • amir seo instructor

    I actually teach the course. You are taking the submitting sites part out of context. In any case since Google has a form and recommends submitting sites through their “official” form, perhaps they are also clueless regarding SEO. I discuss all topics related to SEO, and discussing a topic does not mean I specifically promote it or endorse it. Perhaps if you are in town you can attend the course, the reviews have been great and its a bargain for what you learn.

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  • autodiagnostika

    I think, what i can teach seo for beginners. Actually, the seo teacher is the most perspective profession in the future like doctor ar jurist.

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