SEO Ranking Chart


Last week I asked you to e-mail me your questions and I would try and answer as many as possible. I have received over 40 e-mails thus far, and I would like to thank you all for your contributions.

Many of the e-mails were based on SEO and how to rank well in Google.

I could spend hours writing about this, but for there are some key areas to get you started. Instead of going through them one by one I will simply post an SEO ranking chart that you can bookmark or print for future reference.


SEO ranking chart

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  • Chris Turner

    Nice one Deano.

    I have printed it out and stook it on my office wall.

    Thanks mate.


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  • Jesse-Lee Stringer

    Thanks again Dean,

    Simplified my understanding of SEO,
    Small question, under “HTML FACTORS” Does using CSS files work effectively? or H1/2 headings preferred?

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  • canadafred

    Wow Dean what a great chart.

    Accurate, simple and clear.

    Amid the huge pile of search engine optimization misinformation that is available online both from search optimizers and the search engines themselves, this is the kind of stuff that all website owners should see.

    No gobblelygook or fancy tricks, just plain good old-fashioned web site promtoion.

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