Rock, Paper… Success! Podcast #3


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In this Friday’s show:

* Will Ciaran win the battle of the podcast name?
* Book Recommendation of the Millennium
* A tip from Ciaran that will save you tons of time
* Dean talks about how to value your time (and charge accordingly)
* & paying homage to Pick up artists

(Remember, we NEED your comments/questions/and general enthusiasm!)

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  • Tammy

    Thanks for another great show. Love that it’s on itunes now! Gonna try to figure out how to write a review :)

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  • Dean Hunt

    Thanks Tammy.

    For info, future shows will have links in the post to resources we mentioned.

    If anyone cares to list the resources we mentioned in this ep, please post them as a comment and I will add to the main post.

    Right, back to my bed (doctor’s orders)

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  • evenflowdave

    Good stuff.

    Have to say, I didn’t like “rock, paper… success!” one bit at first, but it’s starting to grow on me. Stick with it!

    Ciaran, enjoy Cuba. I got married there only 2 years ago. Awesome place

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  • Dean Hunt

    Dave, we wont be keeping that name, but we need a temporary name for time being.


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  • Rich

    Great stuff again. Works great on iTunes

    Good to hear the Flintstones get a mention at the start. This shows a good basic education at least!

    Any books on NLP for marketing?

    Need to sort the sound balance between you and Ciaran. I spent the whole cast adjusting the volume!

    Stick with “Rock, Paper…success!”


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  • Kennedy

    Taking your podcasts on the road with me to keep me in touch with reality. Gigs all round London this week and what do I need in my ears? Rock Anthems? Stand Up Comedy? No no no! Rock, Paper…Success! If you see me inlondon ‘plugged in’ you’ll know what’s making me smile.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Kennedy, very cool. Dean Hunt, coming in your ears since 1804 ;-)

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  • Anthony

    Wicked episode!

    It is like you are reading my mind.

    I’m going through almost all these issues in my current situation.

    The information on interviews is going to really help. And I love the advice from Yanik. :)

    My online niche is people who don’t know what “traffic” and “auto-responders” mean, so hopefully I get to them before you do… and price myself accordingly! ;)

    And one suggestion:

    I know you don’t prepare a lot, but it would be cool to have a more robust synopsis of what you are talking about during the episode.

    It would be great to have a base to create better notes, and absorb all the info!

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  • Jonathan

    Ha ha, was just listening to your podcast and I’ve been using Roboform forever. Great “show” guys. Thanks.

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  • Jonathan

    Sorry, one more thing,

    Did you know with Google Voice you can record calls as well. That’s Free. I know you’re a Gmail guy, so just another option

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