Rock, Paper… Success! Podcast #2


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We’ve listened to your comments and we have come back with podcast #2!

In this week’s show:

* We discuss how to do a successful product launch (including how your favourite movie or music will show you how to launch like a marketing pro)
* Plug in of the week, our favourite wordpress plugins
* The big debate: Niche finding – Follow the money or follow your passion? The answer may surprise you…
* Ciaran comes clean on his relationship status
* Dean has a rant at “social media gurus” and what to watch out for
* & a question from all the way in from Zimbabwe! (and guys and gals, if you want to hear more questions we NEED your comments!)

Enjoy, and click the play button above to start the audio.

  • Tammy

    Okay so I should probably point out I am married! Mustn’t let my husband hear about my crush on the irish heart throb! ;) Speaking of husband’s, I have to say that Sarah from Zimbabwe does sound frighteningly like my husband’s Gran. How’d you get her to agree to come on??

    Great show though guys – keep them coming!

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  • Phil Stark

    Woah! Maybe it’s cause I work in audiovisual production, but that’s one hell of an echo!

    First image that comes to mind is you guys strapped to cellar wall like that movie Saw…and part of the life-saving puzzle is to podcast…

    I may have an unusual imagination.


    Later gator,


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  • Vincent

    Hey guys


    I am already addicted to your podcast…

    a suggestion: put all the links you mention on the blog…

    as soon as I have a question, I will let you know.

    keep up the good work


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  • Dean Hunt


    You are right mate, not sure how that happened, the original recording wasnt like that.

    Will sort it out for ep 3.

    Vincent, many thanks for the kind words.

    That is a great suggestion, we will certainly do that from now on.


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  • Jean

    Hi guys

    Love the jingles, love what you say and how you say it!

    Dr Doyle and Dangerous Dean does have some appeal especially as most British people know “Scissors Paper Stone” .. not Rock.

    Thanks for plug in recommendations – I now see the point of the Seth Godin one. Can’t remember how to add more do I have to ftp them? (WordPress 2.8)

    Thanks – a great show.

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  • Agent 001

    Rock,Paper,Success is just OK but I do not like it much.

    Really funny man. Love the voice of Sarah(hahaha….). Next time I will send you a voice mail (If I get time, I have my mid-sems).

    Dr Doyle and Dangerous Dean sounds really awesome.

    Hey Dean I couldn’t get the Plug-in you told about. What is it?

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  • Rich

    Hey Guys
    Great p’cast you actually managed to keep my attention for the whole 49mins; not many manage to do that!

    WordPress plugins info was really useful.

    Any thoughts about ‘what makes a blog post or article get read would be received with interest.



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  • Jon Lake (UK)

    Hi guys,

    I wondered what happened to Father Ted!!!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Seriously though – another excellent podcast. Great to listen to and tons of useful thoughts and info.

    You mentioned Armand Morin – I saw him at Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp last year – awesome. Looking forward to this years at the O2 next month.

    You also mentioned Twitter etc. I am glad its not just me that thinks these self professed ‘gurus’ are full of BS.

    Here is a question for you. Do you think that it is possible to make money from Twitter?

    Look forward to your thoughts

    Jonathan Lake

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  • Pete

    Hey Guys!
    Enjoyed the podcast. Was the magician turned marketing guru you were thinking of Joel Bauer? I know he was a magician. I’d also love to know your thoughts on marketing things like shows. I mean I am a performer, and am interested in promoting myself through the internet some more, but find that a lot of marketing tips focus on selling a physical product. I was wondering if you have any tips for selling shows, etc.?

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  • Cathy Fletcher

    could you tell us how to make a podcast? I mean, do I plug a microphone into the front of my computer…I broke my cheap headphones / mic anyway, and my voice is, is…it’s not a man’s voice at all. kind of a mouse voice, no one can hear me unless it’s amplified. Sorry, what do you look at? each other? I don’t know anything about anything, but could journal what I’m doing. Just about to set up WordPress.

    btw I laughed more at these 2 podcasts than the original Fire Sign Theatre :) ) my brothers are like you.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Get a mic for $20 or less, plug into computer.

    We dont look at anything, we are actually in seperate places, in fact, for episode 1, we were in different countries.

    It is amazing how many people think we do it from the same place, even someone claiming to be an “audio technician” assumed that.

    I think that says a lot for our chemistry, that we can give that impression.

    We use Skype to speak to each other, and we use Pamela to record the skype calls.

    Glad to hear you laughed at this episode.

    We have a new episode and a new name AND a new home for the show:

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