Ranking For Bizarre Search Terms in Google


I was going through my stats this morning, and I noticed some pretty weird search terms that people have found this blog with via Google.

So even though we are barely into October, I thought I would do a run-down of the top 6 Google search terms I get traffic for.


#6: “this website sucks”

I am kinda offended that Google decided to rank me for this. Perhaps it is trying to tell me something?

The reality however, is that it is my your website sucks page that causes this.

Rank: 7th in Google.com

#5: “can we copy posts from other blogs for improving page ranks”

Some cheeky young spammer is trying to raise his pagerank by copying other people’s hard work… nice.

The search term leads to my google pagerank meme.

Rank: Worryingly, Matt Cutts from Google ranks number one for this. Something you want to confess to Matt? I am 9th.

#4: “Chicken Shit Bingo”

Back in May I did a piece about a cult bar in Austin, Texas that had a chicken shit bingo event. I recently visited that bar with some friends, and I have to say, it lived up to the billing.

Rank: 8th in Google.com

#3: “<.request.><.update.> marketing manager”

At first glance this doesn’t seem like a strange Google request, but when I showed it to a programmer friend, he said it was a script that had gone awol.

So god knows that results this script was returning to it’s creator, but clearly, it isn’t working.

Rank: 16th in Google.com (I wish I wasn’t ranking for this, as it may be bringing spam)

#2: “women evil proof”

At number two we have “women evil proof”, so clearly this is someone who has been hurt by a woman recently.

The link goes to a spoof post I published in March 2007.

Rank: Google rank 5th (or 3rd, depends if you count sub-listings)

#1: “ask.com is a piece of shit”

In at number one is “ask.com is a piece of shit”. Yet another search term with a naughty word in it (blush).

The strange thing about this, is that:

a) The blog post in question was entitled: “YAHOO is a piece of shit and so is your face“, at no point did I mention Ask.com

b) I rank number one for this term

I am not sure what Ask.com have done to deserve this, as even my original post was tongue-in-cheek, but hey, I am glad to be of help in crazy people’s time of need.

Dean Hunt – the guy with the strange audience.

  • http://www.hghtruths.com Eric

    I don’t know what is more whacked out, what people search for or how the Googlebot scrapes it all together.

    Small correction. You do mention ask.com in the post. The searcher did get the search term wrong because ask.com is at least worth a couple of pieces.

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  • http://thepublicistsassistant.com Anissa

    You are one crazy guy! Loved the post, and the Twitter Speed Quoting yesterday!

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  • http://renegadeconservatoryguy.co.uk/ Renegade Conservatory Guy

    I come up number one for ‘uPVC coffins’ – if they ever take off I’ll make a fortune.

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  • http://slyvisions.com Sly from SlyVisions dot Com

    This is messed up. Haha.

    I like #1. I wonder if I can ever rank high for making a blog post about something like that. Maybe I should make a post called “DeanHunt.com is a Piece Of Shit”. Then I’ll get hundreds of search engine traffic from all the DeanHunt.com haters!

    Just kidding. :P

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  • http://www.connexted.com/products/evil-genius-guide-to-business.htm Craig Dewe

    I just checked and I’m still ranked 7th for “Evil Genius Guide” and 6th for “Worst Web Designers in the World.”

    Both buzz pieces I made up after reading Dean’s free report back in January… damn buzz marketing guru… who’s the evil genius?

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  • http://homemadesolar.net/concentrator/ chesty

    Who are you calling strange? Mr Hunt?

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