Proof That Women Are EVIL


NASA scientists have conclusivley proved that all women are evil. ;-)

women are evil

  • Diego

    Don’t get me started man… My best friend and I came to the conclusion that girls are bipolar…

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  • Greg M

    As much as I like this, there is one fatal flaw:

    “Girls require time and money”
    should be written as:
    Girls = time + money

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  • Superman

    @Greg M: that’s not true, since the more time you spend with them, the more money you loose..

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  • Stephanie

    Not true!!!!! ok.. maybe I am a bit evil…

    But unlike other girls I do not require men to spend money on me!! Not like ever does anyway XD

    But as a mathematician, hehe nice “equations”

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  • Eric R.

    Greg is right, so let’s start with:
    Girls = Time + Money. Time = Money, so
    Girls = 2*Money.
    Girls = 2*sqrt(Evil) (by money = sqrt(Evil))
    Thus, (Girls^2)/4 = Evil.
    So, Girls are evil iff:
    (Girls^2)/4 = Girls, which leads to:
    Money^2 = 2*Money (By Girls = 2*Money)
    Money^2 – 2*Money = 0
    Money(Money – 2) = 0.
    So, Money = 0 or 2. It was given that girls require money, so money cannot be 0. Thus, a girl is evil iff money = 2.

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  • Tom Hadels


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  • Jen

    So…true… x_x;

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  • David

    but, surely if money is the root of all evil,

    sqrt(money) = evil ?

    i also agree with greg.

    girls = time + money
    time = money
    girls = 2*money
    but sqrt(money) = evil
    (evil)^2 = money

    girls = 2*(evil^2)

    so girls are evil squared multiplied by 2.
    which makes much less sense. but oh well

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  • David

    actually, (sorry)

    sqrt(money) = (all evil)


    girls = 2*(all evil^2)

    so 1/2(girls) – (all evil)^2 = 0

    therefore, half of girls without all evil squared (?) is/are nothing.

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  • ryanjoseph

    I think David needs a lobotomy.

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  • paymon foroozesh

    dude jus face it, girls are evil. fuck them

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  • roy

    I would like to point out that most women just need attention when you ignore them see how they react
    women are phony they pretend they dont need men but
    they have a need like men they need sex too they just hide those tendencies but most women dating bad guys and they are miserable believe me those people like that have about 5 children then when the guy get them pregnant he leaves her after all that getting hight horrible you women need to wake up
    the bad guys are using you when you talk negative about someone else you are the one really its going to come back on because you choose to date the bad boys you get all pregnant have 5 kids then you gain about couple of hundred pounds then the bad guy bail out on you then you look like the sucker hahaha you women going to learn!!

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  • Chris

    Heh, sorry. Really I didn’t mean to offend anyone when writing this. It was a joke! Taken too seriously by everyone it looks like.

    Again, SORRY!

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  • leslie

    i think if you take the product of TIME x MONEY the math will work out cleaner.. and i got the joke no harm.

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  • Demondracula

    yes indeed females are evil they are the doorway to the devil they are no good lying cheating thives and its because of them we have so many manics and serial ki;llers running around, and look at kids today carrying guns and sht females are to blame for that, if order is to be restored then females need to have all their rights taken away, that way kids won’t be so messed up and there will be families and prosperity, I look at females today the way they are and honestly I would not spit on them if they were on fire! and one more thing why is it considered bad to beat up females hmmm I mean maybe back in the 50s it was but hey these days they wanna scream about equality, well act like a man get treated like one! seriosuly women today are destroying the youth they need to be placed under control!

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  • Jo

    I think demondracula needs a little luv..hey buddy we’ve all been there. Women and men stomp on each others hearts, that’s life.

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    Hey, look at it this way, women are a reflection of the men who date them.
    If you grab a handfull of salt, do not expect it to be sweet, get it.

    A good looking woman is not a standar of quality, it may be quantity….

    the woman is the glory of the men…if men honor women they will reflect it, and our lives will be made easier

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  • SoCal

    I think you have to understand that TIME x MONEY is far more elegant and correct than TIME + MONEY. It cannot be additive. If it were additive, it implies that even if you have no time, but you have money, you still can get women. Or, if you don’t have any money, but you have time, you still can get women. In reality (sic) if you have no-money OR if you have no-time, you don’t get women despite what the other variable might be. You must have a little of both.

    Jokes, jokes, jokes . . .

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  • Dave

    Very Funny stuff!! I do concur with women being evil!! Women use there bodys to get into mend wallets and men use there wallets to get into women pants. I live in British Columbia and here alot of people complaining here about how the white race is becoming a minority, I do believe this is direct result of women being evil. If the white women would just spread her legs and make babies like they were put on the earth to do maybe this would not be happening!! I think also agree women are teaching our youth that they can get men to do anything if they have a nice body!!!! Get a grip bitches, get a fucking grip!!!!

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  • rock and pop

    You all ought to be a shame of yourselves. lets speak about men. George bush, adolf hitler, andrew jackson, and other men barbarians. And, guess what raised by men. Women help create and held everyones asses for 9 mos. They endured pain and this website demeans them. What happened to the good men out their most of the serial killers and other evil peice of criminals are men. Many of them are like that because of their fathers in jail or insane in the membrane, the mothers do all they can but, because they want to take the foot steps of their fathers they do that. I dont think men or women are equal its life cant deal with it get the heck out. Most women have to work and try triple times as hard because of their gender. Andmen cheat double times more than men but they are demeaned just because men could di what ever the hell they want. On t.v. tens and hundreds of women they slept with and they are appreciated for it but women 5 or 10 they are whores. So shut the fck up about women and hypocrites each and evry one of you do live or have to go through being one. until you are one shut the fuck up

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  • plazma

    Yo rock and poop… Didn’t your evil mother teach you English… you start off by bringing up “President” Bush (yes he has a title). The man who kept terrorism from striking the interior of the US thus keepin your ignorant McDonalds eatin ass from suffering. Then you bring up Hitler? A man who ordered to death over 6 million Jews so as he didn’t have to feed them during war time? and then you bring up Andrew Jackson (A DEMOCRAT) a man who suffered from smallpox that he contracted while being imprisioned by the British. He later kept the British from invading into New Orleans… thus allowing you to still call yourself an american…

    Why your right… Women arent evil.. Just Ignorant easily blinded by the bling bling.

    I for one have never cheated and every freaking woman or girl ive ever dated in one way or another either cheated or left because she thought there was something better out there in world. Ever Read Billy Goats Gruff!!
    Men cheat its true but you know what… they probably just beat the woman to the punch or did it because the woman was witholding sex like they are weilding some sort of mind control. It isnt about the kids they left you with because being the liberal socialists you are the govt will take care of you out of the pockets of all taxpaying citizens so you can sit at home gain weight and ignore your children so u can get high and chat on the cell phone or look for better options on myspace and facebook.

    Please…. Women are the embodiment of Evil. Blood sucking parasites who use their bodies to climb social ladders because they are taught to by who? Their mothers! that this is acceptable.
    Get a clue and sit the hell back down. … George bush is evil… My ass! At least he did what he said he was goin to do. Unlike your President now who says.. “Oh we will do a better job next time meanwhile i have to pay off the people who got me elected.(500 billion of your money). Or makes fun of the kids in the Special Olympics or does Late Night shows and 60 minutes when he is supposed to be running the country… Not showboating to feed his Ego.
    hes a President … Not a rock star.

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  • plazma

    PS… Eve(from the bible) was also the one who ate from the tree of knowledge. When God Told her Twice ! dont do that.

    Does this dress make me look Fat?

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  • mike

    So what does that say about marriage?
    The WORST financial decision a man can make!
    Now this is the best advise you will ever get and you will remember these words forever. Dont forget you will never, I mean never recover to the person you are. American women are femminist DEMONS! American womens intelect is equal to a black hole that has sucked in every stupit thought ever concieved since the big bang. Im not a math major but my formula is this In America MAN + woman= STUPID !
    Become an MRA … MENS RIGHTS ADVOCATE take your country back.

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  • hehe

    I mean your equation works out and everything, but couldn’t you replace “women” with anything? dogs? cats? Dogs require a lot of time and money, Sugargliders require a lot of time and money, and sometimes men too. I knew a woman who had a deadbeat boyfriend who robbed her of all her aspirations and income because he was a lazy pothead, and she didn’t try to manipulate him or change him once. Shouldn’t be sharing my personal stories here but, it’s kind of cool that women are inherently evil. Evil doesn’t necessarily have to mean “evil” though, resulting in bloodshed in tears. If we were created by satan to rise and destroy men, he obviously failed. Unless you count them menstrating.

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  • Sigh

    OK. Firstly, it’s a joke. You really shouldn’t analyse it to the letter. However, for those who absolutely have to have their humour served mathematically sound, I believe the joke is worded incorrectly in one place. Women are the /product/ of time and money. Therefore women =, not women = time + money (especially since that gives rise to an answer like women being evil if money is equal to 2, and a really shocking joke).
    Also, if money is the root of all evil, replace the ‘is’ with ‘=’: money = sqrt(evil), not sqrt(money) = evil, since that implies that the root of money is evil (also possibly true if you want to be philosophical, but that means that money is equivalent to evil and that their roots are also equal to themselves, so money and evil both have to equal 1; don’t forget the proof is supposedly proved invalid if money must be equal to 2 for women to be evil. Again, this sucks the life outta the joke so please refrain from being humorously incompetent.)

    Secondly, IT’S A JOKE. Men and women are equal, we all know it. So can you all please get over yourselves? Women appear to be undeniably stupid for taking offense to something that isn’t meant seriously (comments excepted), and men just appear to be utter idiots for promoting male chauvinism (joke excepted). Something you all fail to realize is that we need men AND women if there is any hope for the continuation of the human race. They are equally important.
    Also, as proved by this comments thread, we are equally retarded (in the other sense of the word ie stupid, for those who would quickly jump to defend those who aren’t meant to be offended. It’s become a homonym, so get over it. You don’t see people getting upset every time someone calls a raven black). Men and women have equally screwed up in history. Eve took the apple, sure, but can any man say that he has obeyed God in every thing He has ever told us (except for Jesus, if you believe He exists)? Can any woman? For every male who was a dick, you’ll find a female who was a cunt. There’s a reason why both genitalia are now taken to be offensive. So let’s call it off, shall we? Let’s just agree that humanity has stuffed up in its entirety, and try to do something about it that may actually amount to something (and bitch-fighting on a comments thread certainly won’t cut it).

    In short, it’s a joke. GET OVER IT.

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  • Sameh

    hey whoever says its a joke is wrong as they will ever be. its true to the bone and describes women both quantitatively and qualitatively in a way never before thought possible!!! the most truthful thing ive come across yet!!!

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  • brokenhearted

    There are good women out there. but the women of my generation (20-29) are gone, and i mean gone. They are all prosititues selling themselves to the highest bidder, being an asshole helps too!

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  • clover ricky

    it doesn’t matter guys, were all going to be extinct (you know, since they’re so awesome that they don’t men to make sperm anymore)and their ability to “be okay” with two women raising a household. I’m sorry no offence to gay people, I just can’t see how thats natural at all when you were born with the appendages (lol)

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  • Michael Guirguis

    Well..I spent 5 years thinking they were evil..but they are not…they just need us to give them the attention they deserve..they’re love IS very powerful…its just being abused by them now…just like we abused women in the past…and everything else the man was given for that matter…Women gotta survive too and if a man won’t let her maybe she has to hurt him to protect herself since men won’t be there for them…now the game is all messed up…and the men REALLY REALLY gotta step up

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  • Me I Think

    The idiot who speaks of President George Bush in the same breath as Adolf Hitler is an offensive fool.
    I am certainly no supporter of George Bush and I won’t be adding his website to my “Favourites” list either, but please do not confuse a democratically elected politician with a truly evil fascist dictator.
    In other words, don’t be a dickhead.

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  • Taco

    BB King says woman are God’s gift to man.

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  • Bianca

    I’m good with evil.

    P.S. Yes, I’m a girl.

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  • Andrei

    This question comes from the story of Adam and Eve, and has the same answer, when Eve was tempted by the snake to eat the apple. Off course I cannot tell that all women are the same, but the majority for sure is the same like Eve. Tempted by the devil. May God have mercy on your souls! Of course not only some women are like this. Some men are like this the same.

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  • cameron copeland

    bare lols n tings…check u mad gyals. u need to calm down n tek a chill pill. naa’m sayin? a joke ting is jus a joke ting…chek u all hypin bout man’s joke.

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  • Jeff

    I like how the earlier commentor (a dumb female of course) says “What happened to the good men out their most of the serial killers and other evil peice of criminals are men. Many of them are like that because of their fathers in jail or insane in the membrane, the mothers do all they can but, because they want to take the foot steps of their fathers they do that.” This is because women are SO STUPID that they will breed with men that are criminals instead of picking good honest hard working guys!!!!!!!!!!! You idiot! I sat and watched some girl last night at a bar that could get any guy she wanted, but she was with some loser that definitely looked like he belonged in jail. Women are complete idiots and they never should have been given the right to vote or the right to do anything. They are 100% responsible for most of the divorce in this country and they are 100% responsible for poor upbringing of children which in turn results in crime and poor morals. A woman was responsible for tempting Adam, so I think there really is something to that story because I see the same thing going on today in many ways. Women truly are the doorway to evil.

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  • Rob

    I don’t think women are evil. I think statements like that come from growing anger & frustration among men about the hypocrisy that women get away with in today’s feminist society.
    For example, look at the websites (run by women) that list the names of cheating men but refuse to list the names of cheating women. There’s always some excuse on why it was OK 4 a woman to cheat. So cheating is only wrong 4 men.
    As this blog post emphasis
    these women are such worthless hypocrites.
    Until women start being held accountable for their actions to the same degree that men are held accountable, I think anger among men is only going to grow.

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  • LJ

    People should read the book of Revelation. It will put the fear of God in society. Young children will think before they believe Hollywood’s lies about sex and money.

    Anyway, that is what kept me. I am a fairly decent woman who hates other women because they are mean. I am married to my first, and have not yet fallen for temptation. I look decent, but now I am covering up more because I don’t want to get men interested in me when I am no longer available.

    Inside, I have been brainwashed by Hollywood, but I have to reason out those lies and let my marriage provide all the fun that I want to have. It works, and my man is thankful for that.

    What scares me is if I forget where I come from, I will become one of them… so I must stay humble and keep searching for the truth.

    Yes the equation was funny, but again, not completely true.

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  • skyeee

    um to the woman who “hates other women”, do you not realize how common you are dear?? just like other women. all women feel like they hate other women!! and women can be evil but everyone is a different person some are good and some are not. you cant hate all women thats so stupid. i dont hate anyone.

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  • tempz

    u mad doe

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  • Farkas

    As Morrison said, “women seem wicked when you’re unwanted”….

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  • austin

    hey serious queston for eric R and david… You arent the best in the girl department are you…something just tells be you two spend alot of time with mom…just saying

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  • Your brain

    Some of you men posting some of this are like women – get over it – just saying. Lol.

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  • Logic and

    Last time I checked time and money turns out to be time*money since it is a logic “and” operator. Remember 1 and 1 is 1; 1 and 0 is 0; 0 and 1 is 0; 0 and 0 is 0. Case closed now quiet down.

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  • ghjj

    thankfully they tend to get ruined after popping out some spawn. i need no math to know. common sense pop taught was if it bleeds for a week str8 and dont die dont trust it .

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  • Chuck

    Women default nature is deception, lying and maybe stealing( which in thier minds is nonesense after they have givn you sex) so you have a seriosly morally and ethicallycomprimised soul right form jumpstreet. On the other hand you can’t get laid without them ( unlees your gay) and thats not an option for 95% of us. So its managed madness. Men have to meander through the irrational and sometimes logically bankrupt landscape they call a womens mind. Bottom line if you can’t control her only keep her for entertainment or dump asap. Foreigen women make much better wifes as they are not paraniod about a man taking control. In fact it turns them on and puts them at ease. For American women its a declaration fo war.

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  • Quintapus

    Non sequitur! Who said that money is the root of ALL evil? Until you prove this, your entire argument collapses. If a pedophile rapes a child, and that is evil, where does money enter the equation? Money is not evil. I did read in the Bible once where it says that the root cause of all kinds, meaning many varieties, of evil is Avarice, or the “love” of money if you prefer, but it never says that money itself is the root of ALL evil. So where do you get this Money=Evil from? Women are evil with or without money. Try again.

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  • math geek girl

    women are time and money
    prove that women are evil.
    women = time + money =====given
    time = money ==== by laws of economics
    women = 2money====substitution
    money = root evil ===== by law of religion
    women = 2 root evil ====substitution
    (women/2) =root evil====divide both sides by 2
    (women/2)^2 = evil====squared both sides and simplified
    (women^2)/4 = evil
    Therefore women are evil when women = 2
    BUT they are greater than evil when more
    However then you only have one woman its only ¼ the evil

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  • flo


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  • flo

    someone shoot Quintapus in the head …repeatedly!

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  • Tam

    I wish I had a bf or husband like Michael Guirguis Aha

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