Please Do NOT Read This


Please Please Do NOT Read This if you are a seven figure guru…

Hi guys. Do you fancy meeting for a chat and a beer with myself (Dean Hunt) & my superstar, highly successful business partner Barry Dunlop? If so, SIGNUP HERE

artists impression – any resemblance of actual beer based fun with Dean Hunt is purely coincidence


How rude!

Well what if I told you that world famous business superstar Eban Pagen would be there?


Ok, well what if the biggest name in Marketing: Yanik Silver was going to be there?

Yes, count me in!

I thought so. But unfortunately, this fantasy scenario is not possible. I mean, how on earth am I expected to arrange that?

It is Impossible!!!

Well, to be honest, such events do happen, but they are always done behind closed doors, they are invite only for the elite entrepreneurs, hugely expensive, and closely guarded.

In fact, both myself and the superstar biz partner (Barry Dunlop) have been part of a group called ‘Yanik Silver’s Millionaire Mastermind Group’ for some time. But this is an elite group and it is done behind closed doors. No cameras, no video allowed, the waiting list is longer than the great wall of China, and all members have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

This doesn’t seem fair does it?

In such an environment it only leads to one thing: The rich get richer, the successful get more successful, and the big names get even bigger.

It reminds me of Hollywood: Once an actor becomes rich and famous, people start giving them stuff for free. But when they are a struggling actor, they get treated like trash.

It is crazy! David Beckham gets given cars all the time, yet he earns over $1 million every single week, why on earth does he need to be given stuff for free?

Well the same thing happens in the world of business: the biggest names all connect with each other, and they share their best techniques ONLY with other big name gurus.

I have been very fortunate, but what about the other 99.999999% of website and business owners?

Where does this leave the non-gurus?

They are left fending for the scraps of good information that are often hidden under the piles of utter crap that this industry can spew out on a regular basis.

No wonder such a high percentage of web business owners fail to make any serious money on a monthly basis.

A good friend of mine, Yanik Silver spotted this problem a few years ago, and he created a public event called: ‘Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar’. It is essentially an event where the experts share their best secrets, and it is the only major event of its type that is not sealed off from the none-gurus.

  • You don’t need to be making 7 or 8 figures per year for an invite,
  • You don’t need to be an Internet celebrity,
  • You don’t need to have written a New York best seller,
  • And you don’t need to own a blog with 6 billion feed subscribers.

Yanik asked me earlier in the year to do a public event with him, I declined. But persistence has paid off, and for the first, and perhaps the last time ever, we have agreed to share the tips and secrets of how we have become the most successful buzz marketers on the planet, and how we get literally millions of unique visitors to our sites for FREE.

Here are the juicy details


We will be presenting our ‘From LAME to FAME in 11 Buzz-tastic Steps‘ presentation LIVE at the ‘Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar 4′ from March 28th to March 30th in Los Angeles.

This really is the ONLY opportunity where you can learn from myself, Barry, Yanik, Eban Pagen and more…

That’s right, the impossible fantasy scenario I discussed earlier, has just become a reality.

Check out a tiny sample of who will be there (please do not share this information):

Oh, and check out these two mystery expert speakers:

Mr X number 1 is clearly a young guy… I wonder who that could be?!?

Mr X number two is a little older… but let’s look at a further clue that is taken from the Underground Website:
Many of my Underground® events have featured a “Mr. X”… Someone SO Underground that they simply refuse to allow their identity to be made public. And the same thing is going to happen for Underground® 4.
But this time, there will be two major changes. First, instead of having only ONE Mr. X… there’ll be two. Actually, they’re business partners, which means: You’re gonna get double value for you money.

Here is the big news:

I can exclusively announce that myself and Barry are going to be speaking at this event. Are we Mr X 1 & 2? Well, we will be speaking at the event as guest-expert speakers, but to be honest, there may be more than two mystery speakers, we would be shot if we revealed the details.

So I will ask you the question one final time: Do you fancy meeting for a chat and a beer later in March with myself (Dean Hunt) & my superstar business partner Barry Dunlop?

The offer is suddenly a lot more tempting isn’t it?!?

If you want to see the biggest names in the industry reveal their secrets and techniques, then simply signup here: Underground Seminar Signup and book your place. As expected, there are not many seats left. So please, please be quick.

See you there, and don’t forget about the beer. ;-) In fact, the first ten people to find me at the event and use the opening line “I am Dean Hunt” get a beer on me.

Speak soon.


PS: Seriously, it is the action takers that succeed in life. Don’t bookmark this page whilst you go and watch YouTube videos or check your inbox, Signup now

  • Barry

    What if Barry Dunlop and Dean Hunt are the same person???


    Anyway Dean – at last people have a chance to meet you in person — I know they will be impressed!!

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  • Dean Hunt

    It could be possible. Afterall, how many people have seen both myself and Barry in the same room?

    The mystery deepens. ;-)

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  • chesty

    I am Dean Hunt

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  • Dean Hunt

    In the words of Eminem: will the real Dean Hunt please stand up?

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  • Courtney A. Walsh

    The eagle flies at Dean…

    Be carrying a pink rose, wearing a raincoat and carry yesterday’s Enquirer.

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  • Chuck

    LA is not good for me. Can you move it to Dallas or Houston or better yet to San Angelo, Tx and late April early May would fit my schedule better.

    I am 2 degrees of separation from Chuck Norris and of course I’m sure a round house kick would make you change everything—so bring it to San Angelo or suffer the consequences.
    Swoooosh—was that a tornado or Chuck Norris practicing round houses

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  • grnidone

    WHERE do you FIND pictures like that? *laughs* That is *terrible!

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  • David Maleney

    Dean, I’d love to share a beer and a packet
    of pork scratchings with you and Barry at the
    event, but evil forces prevent me from doing so.

    Keep us posted if you ever decide to do a European
    closed door “show and tell” event :-)


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  • Matthew Glover

    Looking forward to meeting up with you and having a beer. Managed to get around the ‘evil forces’ just about!

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  • Dean Hunt

    Matt, great news.

    First round is on me ;-)

    See you there.


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