Personality – The Secret Business Weapon


Never before has it been so important to put your personality into your business. No one wants to do business with a boring company or a boring person.

This is the topic that John Morgan and Dean Hunt are going to be tackling today… enjoy.

John Morgan Says…

John Morgan rocking it live

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not understanding that people want to do business with people. If there’s no personality in your business then it’s hard for prospects to connect and care about what you do. Take Pepsi and Coke for example. Sure, there are people who have their preference on which drink they prefer, but if I’m at a restaurant and I order Coke and they have Pepsi, then I’m drinking Pepsi and not thinking twice about it.

It’s easy to jump ship to a competitor when there’s no real connection.

By putting personality into your business you’re giving prospects something to connect to. That connection is more important than credentials or experience. Once people feel connected to you, it’s hard to break that unless you totally screw up.

Another benefit is that people remember personality more than they remember content. I attended a 3 day seminar once that probably featured 30 or so speakers. All of them delivered great content. But I remember 2 of them. It should be of no surprise to you that those 2 really put their personality into their presentations and a year later I’m still thinking of them and doing business with them.

The biggest advantage you have in business is YOU. So find elements of your personality to put out there for people to connect to.

Every prospect will connect to a different part of your personality. Those who have been following me for a while know how I feel about my mother-in-law. (I think she’s awesome…said in my best sarcastic voice) People now send me their horror stories of their mother-in-law. It’s simple, but it gives us something in common. It’s something they can relate to.

Now people are looking out for what my mother-in-law will do next. And while they’re looking, they are paying attention. That attention isn’t easy to come by these days which makes the importance of putting your personality out there extremely important.

Personality makes you stand out, and makes you human. Your competition can copy your product, copy your price, and copy your website. But they can’t copy you. That’s why it’s so critical to put your personality into your marketing and your business.

Dean Hunt Says…

Dean Hunt says....

John makes a great point when he says that competitors cannot copy your personality… that is an advantage that we all can, and should be tapping into.

I once had a young entrepreneur tell me that my blog at (shameless plug) was worthless because it was tied to my personal brand… my reply was that I wouldn’t sell it for all the money in the world, because it was my personal brand.

I think some people are still struggling to get that our personal brands (which are an extension of our personalities) are the only thing (other than death and taxes) that will be around forever.

Businesses come and go, big brands come and go, even some billion dollar brands have been known to vanish in a short space of time… but when you attach a business to a person, that is something that can never be taken away.

A common mistake that John and I have seen with clients in the past is trying to copy other experts… for example, I have actually heard of a guy who took up surfing because “it worked for Frank Kern, so why not?!?”.

If you try and be someone else, the best you can hope for is to be a second-rate version of them… so as cheesy as it sounds, be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

And finally, a quick way to inject personality into your business, and I know John is an expert at this, is to be more open… I have seen John on numerous occasions talk about his mother in law in trainings, calls, interviews etc… and both John and I regularly talk about our love of the White Stripes and Oasis… don’t be afraid of opening up and sharing with your audience…

It might sound trivial, but here is an example that may surprise you:

I was recently speaking at a seminar, and a guy came up to me afterwards and told me he bought my product solely because I mentioned I used to be a golfer, and he likes golf.

It wasn’t my huge charisma, amazing product, or chiseled good looks that made him buy (haha), it was the fact that he could relate to, what in hindsight, was an irrelevant aspect of my past.

So remember, people buy people.… which reminds me of a trip I took to Amsterdam once (just joking)


PS: We would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and stories on personality in business… leave a comment below.

PPS: Checkout more from John Morgan here: Surefire Branding

  • Dean Hunt

    This is where you tell John that my part was waaaay better than his, to the point where he drinks 5 cups of coffee just to ease the pain.

    Just kidding, John is a star, it is an honour to have him sharing his thoughts here.


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  • Jimvesting

    This sounds a lot like the business strategy surrounding Dunder Mifflin :razz: . In all seriousness, I completely agree with the importance of business personality, and I think you hit home with this post.
    .-= Jimvesting´s last blog ..So You Want to Make a Sales Video? The Key Elements to a Successful Pitch =-.

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  • Dean Hunt


    I can tell by your “Jimvesting” domain that you are into personality in business. Very cool.

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  • Gail Appleton

    Hi Dean!
    You are certainly a good role model for personality, or persona as I call it.

    Adding personality into websites and marketing has been one of my biggest interests of late – which is infact how I became interested in what you do.

    Putting personality into you own work when you are starting out is easier said than done! I am finally putting together my first blogs – haven’t ventured into blog territory before. I think blogs make good grounds for personality experimenting, which can then roll over into the main website content.

    Despite really struggling with what exactly my own personality / persona is when writing content, I realised that if I simply made a start, my personality will become more apparent as I go along.

    Thanks Dean for yet another fabulous gem of money making info!

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  • John Morgan


    One of the easiest ways to inject personality, especially with your blog, is to write like you talk. Sometimes we start writing and think we have to impress our English teacher.

    But the real key here is to keep it conversational and write your content just how you’d say it in conversation with a friend.

    It makes it fun to read, easier to read, and overall more enjoyable for your audience. They’ll start to pick up on your personality right away.

    John “I failed English 3 times in school” Morgan

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  • Dean Hunt

    John, absolutely…

    You will notice I don’t often use commas… instead, i do a weird “…” thing.

    Frankly, that helps me be more conversational, and, I always struggle to know when to use commas, so with the three dots, I can just do it like I do when I am talking.


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  • Yanik Silver

    Couldn’t agree more! I think too many business owners are scared that they are going to alienate some of their customers. That’s fine! It’s better to have a smaller group of customers who absolutely love you then a large list who simply are unconcerned about you.

    One of my favorite ways of expressing personality is actually letting people in behind the scenes. Show them the good stuff (obviously) but also the bad and ugly. I mean I’ve shown pictures of me falling through my attic for goodness sake!

    (btw – Dean I owe you an email)


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  • John Morgan

    Hey Yanik!

    To this day I remember the blog post about you falling through the attic! Not exactly how you want to be remembered I’m sure :) but it does make the point of what people gravitate to.


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  • Dean Hunt


    Absolutely… you are in my opinion, the best at using themes to inject personality into your business too…

    Underground is a prime example of that actually.

    Looking forward to the email, speak soon.

    .-= Dean Hunt´s last blog ..Personality � The Secret Business Weapon =-.

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  • Andrew@BloggingGuide

    I totally agree with this: The biggest advantage you have in business is YOU. Your personality extends to your blog and readers feel or see this personality when they visit your blog. If your blog has that unique personality inherent only in your blog then they will be experiencing something new, making your blog stick to their minds.

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  • Jimvesting

    Thanks Dean, you are correct… I’ve always believed that having a personality is a winn ;) ing strategy
    .-= Jimvesting´s last blog ..So You Want to Make a Sales Video? The Key Elements to a Successful Pitch =-.

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  • Craig Dewe

    Great posts guys.

    Injecting personality is so important because it instantly gives you a competitive advantage that no one else can copy. This is critical for businesses who sell “commodity” type products where it’s hard to create an advantage outside the disastrous price / service / quality approach.

    In the past few decades we’ve gone from the corner greengrocer and the personal relationship they had with clients to the mass market supermarket approach. But now consumers are looking for the personal touch again and we’ve arrived full circle.

    Those that believe customers are only interested in price will quickly fade away and the business owners that create a full customer experience tied with their personality will prosper. Not to mention the way the internet acts as an amplifier for this approach.

    But I don’t feel passionate about this at all…

    *end of rant*

    .-= Craig Dewe´s last blog ..How cool is this? Google puts your ads on TV =-.

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  • Lori Webster

    Love what Craig says about the internet amplifying your personal/company brand….it’s an amazing tool that too few of us are using *correctly*. I learn something new every day from reading blogs like yours. Thank you

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  • Casey Stevens

    Great post,
    Totally agree with what you guys say on personality.

    The saying about people buy from people, not companies, is a great way to think about how you should be adding yourself into the marketing mix.

    I recently came out of my shell and started blogging, doing the ‘write as you talk thing’. I found out that apparently I swear a lot! (thanks Dragon naturally speaking).
    .-= Casey Stevens´s last blog ..Whoever Said Give & You Shall Receive Was Right =-.

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  • David Shillito

    Eyup Moshers

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    Stay sharp, keep your tongue out
    .-= David Shillito´s last blog ..Kajabi =-.

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  • 52tube

    I can tell by your “Jimvesting” domain that you are into personality in business. Very cool.

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  • arsizvideo

    Our grandpappy, Dan Kennedy, charges $397 (£250) for 2 audio CDs on this very topic

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