Personality Marketing In Business


Nothing makes a business stand out from the competition quite like an injection of personality…

Whether it be personality marketing, personality content, personality branding… if done correctly, it can make a huge difference.

Below are a couple of great personality business examples I stumbled upon recently.

Using Personality in eMails and to Overcome Customer Service Issues

Fullsize Image Here (opens in new window)

Notice the clever personality driven subject line, and then the edgy joke in the last paragraph.

Personality Marketing Video Example

clever unsubscribe page and video example (opens in new window)

In the above link, they created a fun and funny video that is currently going viral around the Internet.

I would imagine that a decent % of unsubscribers are re-subscribing because of that video, and will be telling their friends, so it could go on to make a LOT of money for that company.

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  • Shane

    Awesome post, Dean!

    Man, that video is hilarious! It’s actually not even that funny by itself, but in the context of an unsubscribe screen, it’s just brilliant.

    Also: In my customer support mails, I notice that the more personal and non-stiff-upper-lip I am, the better the mails are received.
    I definitely want to ramp up my the expression of my personality in mails etc.

    Shane´s last blog ..The Keyword Minute (How The Hell Did I Miss This?) My ComLuv Profile

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  • Agent Deepak

    Personality Marketing – never new this thing existed. I will try out some it.
    Agent Deepak´s last blog ..Back to Basics: What is Blogging? My ComLuv Profile

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  • Brandon

    Good one mate. I think the CORPORATE type robotic communication will soon be a thing of the past.

    Smart people will realize that people want to deal with people. I think that is one reason (aside of hard work and smarts behind the scenes) that people like Frank Kern or Gary Vee are a success.

    Personality. Like it or not here I am. Good post and timely. We lie ahead of great opportunity if we recognize the power of this.
    Brandon´s last blog ..Overnight Success Takes a Lifetime My ComLuv Profile

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  • Dean Hunt

    Brandon – absolutely mate, the corporate style is out-dated and will struggle in today’s world.

    Personality is huge, and like you say, is a HUGE reason why Frank and Gary are so successful.

    Say what you want about “caring” and “hustle” etc… but do all of that with no personality, and you are not gonna get anywhere near a stage or tv interview.


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