Personal Development Advice Yes or No


Over the past few weeks I have begun a personal development mission with some pretty huge long-term goals in mind.

I don’t normally post this sort of stuff on here, so if you think you would be interested to hear about my experiences, advice, downfalls, experiments etc… please let me know via the comments.

If however, you have absolutely no interest in any of this sort of stuff, please also let me know.

Many thanks,


  • David Maleney

    Sounds good, so post away.

    Are you going to walk acoss burning bunnies with a spray tan and blinding white teeth?

    I can’t see you getting happy clappy, but Echart Tolle talks a lot of sense :-)

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  • Dean Hunt


    I must stress that I am no expert in this field. Yes, I have lots of awesome and potentially life changing knowledge in my head, but it would be more of a case of learning through my mistakes, learning from my experience, and me sharing some of the knowledge that helps me the most.


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  • David Maleney

    Looks good, Dean.

    Mistakes are there to point us in the right direction.

    Look forward to what you have to share.

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  • Howard Chapman

    Even though we may not be conscious of it all the time, we are all going through it. Something happens each day that affects our thoughts about who we are and what we are doing.
    To consciously do something about it is applaudable.
    Do it and enjoy………. post a pic of your big grin afterwards


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  • Jay Adair

    Yep, I’d like to read about this Dean.

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  • Tuzembobel

    Dean, I’m definitely interested! Can’t wait to hear more from you

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  • Sarah

    Post away Dean. I could use all the inspiration possible to start setting some big time (long term) goals of my own :)

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  • Peggie


    I’d be interested — anyone’s trip down personal development is valuable!


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  • David Wilkinson

    Hey man… Did ya’ get my e-mail the other week?

    - D

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  • mark


    Focus on how we can take our individual little online empire’s farther.



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  • Boy at Heart

    Hey Mark,

    You’ll have more effectiveness building your empire if you invest some time in yourself. Your results depend on the way you think and take action. The more your thoughts and actions are in line with your goals the more likely you are to achieve them, so a bit of self development is only going to make you more aware of what you may be doing that is slowing your progress, so you can work on changing it for the better

    You’re the only one who can take your online empire further. Remember information is not enough on it’s own. It’s application of the information that is key.

    (Sorry don’t mean to lecture)

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  • Teresa Caldwell

    You Darn right we want to hear about them. Don’t leave any stone unturned, we want to know every juicy detail. How else are we gonna learn about what we need to do to reach our long term personal goals, without our mentor showing us the way.
    Dean you are awesome and I have learned so much from you, reading your posts, and your case studies (you have offered your readers), have helped me more than any e-book or video tutorial could have. I don’t know about everyone else but I am totally interested in hearing about your experiences. I read your blog almost everyday, and when I miss, I go back and check out the posts I missed.
    OMG you don’t think I’m a stalker do you? just kidding, I am just a giant fan.

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