Personal Branding Like a Celebrity


Personal Braanding is an area I really love… I think it can transorm lives and turn regular businesses and websites into seriously hot stuff.

Want an example?

The Business Insider (a major Silicon Valley resource) recently did the following feature about Jimmy Fallon:

jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon takes over NBC’s “Late Night” this March.

To promote the show, Jimmy´s been using Twitter the microblogging service.

There, he’s followed by about 95,000 people.

He follows 59. Who are these lucky few? Mostly PR people, comedians and bloggers.

So who is Jimmy Fallon following?

Well, there is Lance Armstrong, the chief of Kodak is in there… and wait… what is this? There seems to be a killer bunny on the list as well.

That´s right, little old me is on there as well.

How is this possible?

Personal Branding!

So just how much can personal branding change your life?

Well, how about $1 MILLION to wear a t-shirt? ;-) (details coming VERY soon)

  • Dan Schawbel

    What he’s done, like many others is taken his following online. If the entire world was on Twitter, he would have about a million followers, who he can remind to watch his show over and over again. Genius.

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  • Yan Susanto

    By the way, Dean, what’s the story behind the little (or killer) bunny? ;)


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  • recession marketing monkey

    nah, sod personal branding. Brand your business instead. Who wants to be a celebrity?

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  • Dean Hunt

    Personal Branding ALSO brands your business.

    Everyone knows that Gary Vaynerchuk has WineLibrary, and that Steve Jobs has Apple.

    But unlike business branding, it makes you recession proof.

    Oh, and I said “like” a celebrity. There is a difference.

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  • Nicholas Francis

    I too Love personal Branding, BTW cool that your followed by Jimmy,.. You rock man!

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