PC gone mad


If you saw the title of this post and was expecting to read a story of my PC growing arms and legs and chasing me round the room and beating me around the head with a zip drive then you are out of luck.

I am infact referring to political correctness gone mad.

I am sure by now we all have a collection of stories that we have heard about PC gone mad. I heard a story of a burglar in America trying to rob a post office. He broke in and found the safe and decided to try and carry the safe out of the store and into his car. However, whilst lifting the safe he slipped a disk in his back and couldn’t get away before the police arrived. What happened to this criminal??? he sued the post office for not having a warning sign that said that the lift was heavy. Not only did he not face charges, he also won the lawsuit and got tens of thousand of dollars.

I also heard a story and as above I have no source, but I was told that there was a guy trying to break into a house and he needed to walk across the porch/patio roof to get to the main part of the house. So he climbs onto the glass roof and suprise suprise he falls through and gets badly cut.

Did he end up in prison? nope, he sued the house for having a weak and dangerous roof.

I have to say that it is really starting to drive me insane, and I admit that Spain and the Spanish people have many faults, but the one thing they don’t have is political correctness. I was watching an American chat show a few days ago and the new rule in America is that you are NOT allowed to say “Christmas” on tv. It is now called “Holidays”. This is so that the Jews and other faiths don’t get offended.

I also recently read a tale on a forum where a farther had some PC stories from his sons nursery. He said that his son has managed to learn to write his name much faster than many of the other kids in the class. His son is really proud of this achievement and so is the father.

The teacher has just told the father that his son is told not to write his name on drawings etc because it would be unfair on the kids who can’t write their name.

Also, it was fathers day the other week, but the nursery wouldn’t allow the kids to make a card or present because it would be unfair on any kids that didn’t have a dad.

If you have any stories of PC gone mad then I would love to hear them