Cracking the LinkedIN Code


Did you know that the average user earns $100k per year?

So guess where many smart marketers and business owners are now diverting their attention? ;)

LinkedIn expert Rick Itzkowich just released LinkedIN Power…

If you check it out by clicking the link below, I will include $1,000 of bonuses.

linkedin power

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How-to Use Twitter Lists to See How Others See You


Have you ever wondered how the rest of the world, your customers, peers, and prospects see you?

As someone who is often referred to as “that killer bunny guy” or the “buzz guy”, I have experienced this first hand.

Here is a cool trick you can use to find out EXACTLY how you are positioned in your market.

Requirements: An active Twitter account

Step 1: Login to your twitter account

Step 2: Click the “listed” link under your profile photo

You should now see a list of all the lists you are on…

Look through these for patterns, it may surprise you.

For example, I am on 284 lists, many of which describe me as blogger and writer. So it seems that it is my blog and writing ability (blush) that is what people think of me.

That said, I am also on a list called “people who make me snot laugh”, so I dont know what to believe ;-)



PS: I am going to call this strategy the Twitter mirror method… you heard it here first kids.

Help, The House and Car Just Blew Up


What would you say if I told you that as soon as we decided to name our high-end workshop the B.O.M.B event (BrandOut Millionaire’s Breakdown) everything started to BLOW UP…. literally!

I posted a video explaining the full story to Facebook… 3 minutes later, Facebook’s servers went down… and have been ever since… I don’t want to say they have blown up, but it wouldn’t surprise me ;-)

Anyway, hopefully the servers are back up now, so check out the video below.

You can grab a last minute seat for the LIVE webinar here: Register your seat for the live training here

Exclusive Sneak Peak of My Workshop


It is precisely 7 days since John Morgan and I held our very own high-end event in sunny Nashville.

Despite going on vacation, I can safely say we have only just recovered.

The event was a huge success, and the testimonials from it are the best I have EVER seen.

Below is a video sneak peak of the B.O.M.B event.


Techno Dog is Raving Mad


Hi all,

I am travelling for the next few days… but I hate it when I leave the blog without an update, so there is clearly only one logical solution…

That’s right, post a video of “Techno dog”


Have a great day… and if you are feeling low, just ask yourself: “What would techno dog do?”


PS: If you press the “Facebook Like” button on this page, techno dog will remain happy. ;-)