How to cope with modern business


This is a system I use to deal with overload, find the best opportunities, and get the most important stuff done.

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Your Project Is Worthless


Are you working on a blog post? Video? Product? New business?

I have some bad news…. it is completely worthless!

Before you kick me in the nuts, watch this video for the low down:

Declutter Your Life


I have recently been de-cluttering my life.. which is a fancy way of saying “getting rid of all the crap that seems important and valuable but ISN’T”.

This video explains more:

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Who Are Your Top Facebook Friends?


Did you know Facebook rates your friends based on the quantity and quality of your interactions?

I found a loophole that allows you to see EXACTLY who are your top Facebook friends.

Were any of your top friends a surprise?

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Get to the Point


Video below ;-)

If you are sick of people filling blog posts, articles and videos with fluff and filler… then share this with a friend… or don’t.