Over The Edge Creations


I have been working behind the scenes on launching a creative agency. We help businesses become remarkable using things like video, animation, cool graphics, and promotions.

You can checkout our landing page at OverTheEdgeCreations.com.

I have posted a video below… it is a strange one in the sense that the ONLY purpose of the video is to capture the feel and “vibe” of the agency. You get bonus points if you can spot me in the video. Enjoy

The Worst Presenter in the World?


These are some of the funniest videos I have ever seen…

Go watch the world’s worst presenter below. (so funny)

How NOT to Present Video #1

How NOT to Present Video #2

IMPORTANT: If you would like to learn how to be a dynamite presenter to leave any audience spellbound, AND have a lot of fun and laughs, come join Steve Trister and I for this exclusive webinar.

Say Adios to Boring Content


When it comes to content, it is not just what you say but how you say it that matters….

In episode 4 of “Creative Genius Exposed” (below) I show a trick that can help you get attention, go viral, and make more sales with your content.



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How to Be a Creative Genius Overnight


Have you ever wanted to be able to come up with extremely creative ideas to grow your business or to simply look cool?

Below are some entertaining, short, informative and rather strange videos I made for a new show entitled “Creative Genius Exposed” The goal of the show is to demystify “creative genius” and give actionable blueprints that anyone can apply to their situation.


Episode 1 – How to Come Up With Killer Design Ideas


Episode 2 – How to Standout and Be Remembered With Your Branding.


Please share your thoughts, questions, suggestions and more in the comments below.


PS: you can go here to get first notice of all future episodes: http://www.udemy.com/creative-genius-exposed/

I Have the Creative Fever… Can You Cure Me?


Hi, my name is Dean Hunt, and I have a disease that almost nobody knows about…

I call it the “creative fever” or “ideaitis” and it’s taking a hold of me and gripping me by it’s juicy fingers.

It is likely at this point you will think to yourself:

“Dean, you crazy cat, what on earth are you talking about?”

And thus you may want to click away and stop reading… but I urge you to continue on, as you may be the person to help cure me (seriously).

So here is the thing…

I love coming up with ideas… creativity and ideas are my fuel, they are what keep me awake at night, they are what get my juices flowing…

I am gripped by this obsession, anything that doesn’t involve big ideas, clever hooks, unique angles, crazy concepts etc is a distraction and disappointment to me.

So on my recent 30th birthday, I did what most people do when they have a milestone birthday.. I ate too much cake… then I pondered my past, present and future, and decided that I needed a change… I need to feed my creative greed, plunder my idea hunger (this rhymes, pretty impressive huh?).

Here is where I NEED your help:

I am a big believer in the 6 degrees of separation, and so I want to publicly share my problems, questions and dreams… who knows, maybe one of you lovely, sexy readers has an uncle who has an accountant who has a client who can help cure me?

Here is my ideal future: Working as part of a creative team, brainstorming, coming up with ideas, angles, copy, hooks etc.

Pretty simple… right?

Well unfortunately I have no idea what this role, business, or even job actually is…

Some people tell me I should work my magic at an advertising agency… “copywriter”, “creative director” “creative consultant/strategist” they cry… “sounds awesome” I reply… but truth be told, even though I KNOW I could be one of the most creative people in any of these industries… I have no contacts in these fields…

So if you know of what I should do to be able to think of ideas and be creative day in day out, please let me know via the comments, or, via email at: contact@deanhunt.com

If you know someone that I should speak to, please also let me know or pass on my details.

If you have any ideas, opportunities, suggestions, warnings etc… I would welcome those also.

This could be the first day of the rest of my life, can you help me start it with a bang?

  • Do you know where and how I should apply my creative craft?
  • Hone my idea sword?
  • And tweak my out-the-box brain box?

If you don’t you probably know someone who will, so any shares, tweets, emails etc are VERY much welcome.

I love you, I love your face, I love your soul.


A very passionate Dean.

PS: Contact@deanhunt.com or @deanhunt on Twitter  or Facebook.com/deanhunt

PPS: During my 7 years in the world of sales and marketing on the interwebs, I have build up a strong skillset in sales, presenting, speaking, content creation, consulting and networking… so if I can build these around a core of creativity, then the world will be my tasty little oyster.

PPS: As a thankyou for reading this post in full, I present to you the gift of an actual photo of a sunrise reflected in a bubble (in Norway)