Personality – The Secret Business Weapon


Never before has it been so important to put your personality into your business. No one wants to do business with a boring company or a boring person.

This is the topic that John Morgan and Dean Hunt are going to be tackling today… enjoy.

John Morgan Says…

John Morgan rocking it live

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not understanding that people want to do business with people. If there’s no personality in your business then it’s hard for prospects to connect and care about what you do. Take Pepsi and Coke for example. Sure, there are people who have their preference on which drink they prefer, but if I’m at a restaurant and I order Coke and they have Pepsi, then I’m drinking Pepsi and not thinking twice about it.

It’s easy to jump ship to a competitor when there’s no real connection.

By putting personality into your business you’re giving prospects something to connect to. That connection is more important than credentials or experience. Once people feel connected to you, it’s hard to break that unless you totally screw up.

Another benefit is that people remember personality more than they remember content. I attended a 3 day seminar once that probably featured 30 or so speakers. All of them delivered great content. But I remember 2 of them. It should be of no surprise to you that those 2 really put their personality into their presentations and a year later I’m still thinking of them and doing business with them.

The biggest advantage you have in business is YOU. So find elements of your personality to put out there for people to connect to.

Every prospect will connect to a different part of your personality. Those who have been following me for a while know how I feel about my mother-in-law. (I think she’s awesome…said in my best sarcastic voice) People now send me their horror stories of their mother-in-law. It’s simple, but it gives us something in common. It’s something they can relate to.

Now people are looking out for what my mother-in-law will do next. And while they’re looking, they are paying attention. That attention isn’t easy to come by these days which makes the importance of putting your personality out there extremely important.

Personality makes you stand out, and makes you human. Your competition can copy your product, copy your price, and copy your website. But they can’t copy you. That’s why it’s so critical to put your personality into your marketing and your business.

Dean Hunt Says…

Dean Hunt says....

John makes a great point when he says that competitors cannot copy your personality… that is an advantage that we all can, and should be tapping into.

I once had a young entrepreneur tell me that my blog at (shameless plug) was worthless because it was tied to my personal brand… my reply was that I wouldn’t sell it for all the money in the world, because it was my personal brand.

I think some people are still struggling to get that our personal brands (which are an extension of our personalities) are the only thing (other than death and taxes) that will be around forever.

Businesses come and go, big brands come and go, even some billion dollar brands have been known to vanish in a short space of time… but when you attach a business to a person, that is something that can never be taken away.

A common mistake that John and I have seen with clients in the past is trying to copy other experts… for example, I have actually heard of a guy who took up surfing because “it worked for Frank Kern, so why not?!?”.

If you try and be someone else, the best you can hope for is to be a second-rate version of them… so as cheesy as it sounds, be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

And finally, a quick way to inject personality into your business, and I know John is an expert at this, is to be more open… I have seen John on numerous occasions talk about his mother in law in trainings, calls, interviews etc… and both John and I regularly talk about our love of the White Stripes and Oasis… don’t be afraid of opening up and sharing with your audience…

It might sound trivial, but here is an example that may surprise you:

I was recently speaking at a seminar, and a guy came up to me afterwards and told me he bought my product solely because I mentioned I used to be a golfer, and he likes golf.

It wasn’t my huge charisma, amazing product, or chiseled good looks that made him buy (haha), it was the fact that he could relate to, what in hindsight, was an irrelevant aspect of my past.

So remember, people buy people.… which reminds me of a trip I took to Amsterdam once (just joking)


PS: We would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and stories on personality in business… leave a comment below.

PPS: Checkout more from John Morgan here: Surefire Branding

John Carlton Simple Writing System and Bonus


If there is one skill that most business owners wish they could improve, it surely has to be writing…

Simple Writing System Video by John Carlton

It always amazes me the power that words on a page or website can have… think about it, as I sit behind my keyboard writing this, I could potentially write something that will inspire people, it might change lives… or, it might offend, it might even make a few people laugh (unlikely).

Imagine that… directly affecting people solely through words on a page.

The lucky few that have this writing skill use it to dramatically grow their business, and now, the legendary copywriter John Carlton has created a “Simple Writing System” that anyone can follow.

Go check out this video John made for you to find out more: Simple Writing System (John Carlton)

John Carlton

john carlton

John Carlton and Dean Hunt in Dubai

I first had the pleasure of meeting John Carlton in Dubai a couple of years back… he is one of the few people I have met with an equally wacky and dry sense of humour, and bizarrely, at one point I had a surreal moment where John spent� a few minute poking around my face to test the extent of the sinus pain I was suffering at the time…

Anyway, that is a story for another time…

But what I want to stress is that John Carlton is frankly, a nice dude (that is my best attempt at an American use of language), and a smart guy to boot.

The Simple Writing System Bonus

Every man and their dog is currently promoting John’s Simple Writing System… so I am not going to overload you with additional reasons why you should invest in this training.

What I will do, is make things even more juicy, by offering a high value bonus for everyone that purchases the Simple Writing System through my affiliate link (that’s right, I make money when you buy through my link. yippeee!)

I recently was in Sydney, for one of the best marketing events I have ever been to, and in the near future, I will be receiving all the DVD trainings that I gave in Sydney on stage.

I don’t know the exact value of this, but let’s just say that people paid many thousands for a ticket to be there, and I revealed authority, buzz and content strategies I have never revealed publicly before.

So, see below on how to claim what I believe, is the best darn Simple Writing System bonus on the net.

Claim Your Simple Writing System Bonus

1) Simply check out John’s SWS package and free videos etc via this link: Simple Writing System

2) If you decide that this training is the right investment for you, then once you have made the purchase, just email me at with your receipt number.

3) Once the refund period is over, and I have access to my DVD material from Sydney, I will hook you up with it at no cost as a bonus.


Like I said earlier, I am a people person, so I look for good people, doing good things first, and then I check to see if they can walk the walk secondly… John is one of those annoying guys who excels at both.

So go check out John’s free videos and material: go here to check it out


5 Reasons Content is King


We have all heard the phrase “content is king” but just how important is content for an online business? And what are the core benefits of creating great content?

Here are five reasons content truly is king:

1 – Content Generates Traffic

Traffic is like the blood of any website, without it, you are screwed… and one of the best ways to get traffic, is… that’s’ right, you guessed it: content.

There are some people out there who are able to create crappy content that is designed only for Google, but I prefer to write for humans, and I recommend you do the same.

There s a big question that you need to ask yourself before you start creating content:

What is your preferred medium?

You see, everyone has one medium that they are strongest in, for me, it is writing… for Frank Kern, it is video, for some people, it is audio, others like to draw cartoons to express information, some people like to sing, some like to be on stage… find out what yours is, and start there, you can experiment with other mediums at a later date, stick to your strengths for now.

Anyway, as I was saying, content leads to traffic… or specifically, good content leads to traffic.

I always try, where possible, to create enter-trainment… so I combine entertaining, interesting content with useful and valuable content… in 2010 and beyond, information is no longer enough, you have to be engaging.

2 – Content Builds Relationships

Content can be a window to the soul… you can quote me on that… you see, content is our expression of a topic, an opinion, a complaint etc… so we are giving the audience a glimpse into who we are and how we think… as a result, if you do this well enough, you can build a bond with the reader.

I try and go a step further by, where possible, admitting my fears, worries and weaknesses… most people in the industry try to avoid this, but I feel it helps to show a real, and more human side.

Oh, and I throw in a fair share of pretty bad jokes from time to time too… (sorry about that)

So if you want to start building a following, then content be what yee seek.

3 – Great Content Leads to Authority (sometimes)

When you teach people a skill, you are automatically given the role of leader, expert, and teacher… all of which are authoritative roles.

Do this often enough, and well enough, and you eventually become THE authority.

I could spend hours talking about authority, but here is a quick tip: You can wait for your marketer to determine your position, or you can tell your market your position. So don’t be afraid of tooting your own horn from time to time.

I believe it was Gary Halbert who was asked how he became known as the world’s leading copywriter, he said something along the lines of “I just kept repeating it until people eventually believed it”.

4 – Content Attract Links and Links Attract Google

If you want to seduce Google, then you need links, and lots of them.

One of the best, and cheapest ways to build links to your site is via compelling content.

The problem here is that everyone and their dog says you need good content, but nobody tells you how to make good content, or even, what the heck the definition of good content actually is.

Here is a strategy I teach clients…

The most effective form of content you can create is content that causes an emotional response.

This can be laughter, inspiration, anger, desire, hope, joy, etc…

Make your audience feel an emotion (any emotion) strong enough, and you will get talked about en mass.

Actually, emotion is THE key to going viral, but that is a whole new subject for another day.

So next time you see content that has gone viral, or grabbed your interest, ask yourself: What emotion has this content made me feel?

5 – Great Content Sells

We have perhaps saved the best until last…

Videos, podcasts, sales pages, articles… apply great content to any of these and you can make sales.

It doesn’t matter whether you focus on copywriting, sales, marketing… the end result is that you are giving content, heck, even a long sales letter is technically content (and I hate those darn things).

Do it right, and you can make a fortune… so this is perhaps the most exciting reason to master the art of great content.

Enjoy, and may the content be with you (wow, that is the geekiest thing I have ever said)


PS: I coach and mentor, and one of the main areas I help with is content creation. If you are looking to get to the next level, send me an email to: Contact@DeanHunt� DOT com

How-to Leverage & Opportunity Filter


Dean Hunt pondering his big "ah-ha moments" in Sydney

I just got back from a two week trip to Sydney, Australia. I have many embarrassing stories (and photos) for you, but today, I wanted first to share with you the two biggest “ah-ha” moments from my trip, so that they can benefit you and your business.

Ah-ha Number One: Leverage

If you are going to put time and effort into something, you want to get the maximum leverage from it as possible.

So for example, if you do a 30 minute audio interview, you can have that audio transcribed into a report by a virtual assistant, you can then sell the audio and report, perhaps email it to your subscribers etc…

Heck, even as I am writing this email to you, I am thinking: “It is almost no extra effort to copy and paste this into a new blog post”.

I spoke at Fast Web Formula in Sydney last week, and whilst it was a LOT of effort, I leveraged that by getting a DVD of my parts which I can sell as a product, I also networked with people I admire, and I built a new following… same effort, multiple leverage.

How can you leverage your efforts?

Ah-ha Number Two: Opportunity Filtering

Dean Hunt and James Schramko at Fast Web Formula

I love opportunities, I live for them… I have been known to say that “opportunity is the gatekeeper to profit”.

However, opportunity can also be a HUGE distraction… which can lead to spreading yourself too thin, never completing projects (I have had this problem before), and being distracted.

There must come a time in every entrepreneur’s life where you have to say no to opportunity.

It can be a hard thing to do though…

Just last week I had a 7-figure affiliate genius giving my strategies on how to make thousands of dollars per DAY with web 2.0 sites. It took every ounce of my strength to not want to scrap my existing plans and projects and focus on that instead.

What’s more, two people at the event were representatives for the leading speaking organisations in the world.

One of them asked if I would be interested in speaking at three HUGE events later this year, we are not talking crappy pitch-fests here, these are speaking gig invites that professional speakers aspire to get… another even offered to be my management team and book me high-profile speaking gigs all over the world.

It is quite feesable that the speaking opportunities alone could be worth $300,000+ per year to me, but remember, opportunity can be a huge distractor.

What’s more, speaking isn’t something I love, need or want to do a lot of… so it would have been going against my passions and skills to do it.

I truly think that reaching the point where you can turn down opportunities and focus on the already existing projects, is a huge step, and I am proud I have reached that milestone. I have to say that on the flight home, I was very proud of myself for turning down these opportunities, and I am now uber-focused on the projects that need to be completed.

Trust me, “shiny object syndrome” as I call it, can be the death of any business.

What “opportunities” are distracting you from the stuff you need to be doing?


Hopefully you can relate to some of the above, the Fast Web Formula event was one of, if not, the best event I have ever been to… if you would like to see some photos, vids, and even check out the awful chat-up lines I was using in Sydney (them poor girls), then add me as a friend on Facebook:

All the best,


The Internet Marketing Threesome


������� Dean Hunt, James Schramko, Peter Parks

What happens if you take three top Internet Marketers and�put them in the same room?

SuperFastBuzzPunisher is what happens.

James Schramko and his “Super Fast” brand… Dean Hunt the “Buzz” marketer, and Peter Parks, the affiliate “punisher”.

Download the MP3 or the PDF of this Internet Marketing threesome below:

Super Fast Buzz Punisher PDF Download

Super Fast Buzz Punisher MP3 Download